June 11, 2010

Thou Shalt Not...

...publish whatsoever thing thou spewest forth upon thy blog.

-Blogging Commandment #6

 I hit publish yesterday in the heat of the moment. It was suppose to be kind of funny. But I don't think everyone got that the poor lemon ready to bash his head into the juicer was there to describe how I was feeling.

In the end, I needn't have worried. My husband's flight was delayed giving me adequate time to get 85% of the house sparkly clean.

Although, now that breakfast is over, you would never have guessed.

Did anyone see my brother's comment on yesterday's post?

It was SO funny that I just HAD to share!!

Ok..I am slighty disturbed at what I am reading. Let me see if I get this straight. First, if a man/husband were to forget his g/f or wife's birthday, Mother's Day, anniversary, ect., all hell would break loose and the dude would be in the dog house for over a month AND you'd never, ever, EVER let him forget it. However, from what I am reading it is totally ok for women to forget their b/f or husband and just "dress down" or wrap one of the kids toys and give it to him as a present?? Did I miss something...???
I could swear I have had every "talk" or "discussion" about women from sisters, moms, co-workers, ex-g/fs ect. in the book! Apparently I missed something in all of that..??
Serene as my sister how is it that you could have let that lesson slip by?!?! Someone want to enlighten me?? =)

Well. Mr, Stir the Pot, here you go.

First and foremost, I DID NOT FORGET. Oh contrare my single, testosterone driven one. I have been racking my brain for weeks on end as to what to get him.

Unfortunately and big screen television, a four-wheeler, a new truck, or a finished basement don't fall into the budget.

And I ALWAYS buy him clothes, so I wanted to do something different, but what?

That is my dilemma.

See, when Luke and I first got married, I always made a big deal out of his birthdays because I thought he would like it! And it would show him how much I was willing to go through for him. That's love, right?

Then one time, he approached and said, "You know, I don't really care for big parties and such. It's just not my thing."

And of course, with all the estrogen and chocolate coursing through my veins I thought, "Oh ye modest and playing coy one, I will not be fooled by such nonsense!"

And after a few years of "going all out", then getting all hurt and mad at him for acting like he didn't care, the thought finally occurred to me that he ready did mean what he said!

*gasp* What an epiphany!

And so, I no longer make a big to do out of his birthday. But I still do like to give him a nicely wrapped, in Christmas paper of course, birthday present.

And so, while I'll still have to stew on the gift, we'll go out to eat tonight and I'll make him my world famous, ever coveted, deliciously extraordinaire Ice Cream Cake.

If you beg, I just might share my secret recipe.

And THAT, dear brother, is my answer for you.

Ladies, you wanna have a go at it?

26 super cool people speak:

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

that is so my husband too. It has taken me years to realize he really means it too. I just don't get it...Who doesn't want a big deal made of their birthday?! he does, apparantly.

Lisa said...

Oh, bless his heart. It's just not really worth casting pearls before swine...in the figurative sense, of course. And years ago, I figured out not to go 'blast off' with his birthday, and then feel badly when he didn't do the same for me. Some things are lost in translation. That's why I treat myself like it's my birthday every day. Wouldn't want to hurt my feelings.

Saimi said...

Maybe it's a guy thing, my husband is the same way. He loves to surprise me and is very creative in doing so. On the other hand, I rack my brain trying to figure out what to do for him.

It usually ends up low key and a nice dinner out. He's not the 'let's make it a big deal' kind of a guy.

Nathan and Sharlynn Heinitz said...

Nathan's the same way...His idea of the perfect surprise is to let him know that I want to surprise him with something, then let him spend a couple hours or weeks deciding on what he wants me to surprise him with, then he'll let me know and I'll buy it (okay, sometimes he buys it for himself too), I'll wrap it (or sometimes just hand it to him) I get a kiss and the credit for "surprising" him and he's perfectly happy with his "surprise." We finally figured out this system after countless let downs of failed surprises. He just plain hates being surprised...go figure. Anyways, he likes this much, much better and it sure takes the pressure off of me so there it is. ...He however is still expected to surprise me. And he's good at it! so now that we've figured this out it's a win/win to me!

Renee said...

Just admit it and you will be better off. WE ARE ALWAYS RIGHT!! Even when you think we are wrong we are still right. :) You know I love you like my own brother but just stand up and say it out loud, you will feel so much better. :) Still miss you and your crazy family down here in Florida!!!

B.T.W. Sarah I still love the blog and look forward to your posts everyday, you have such a wonderful spirit and are so humerous!!

One Cluttered Brain said...

Whatever you do for your honey, I'm sure he will love.

You are right, I didn't really get the orange thingy.
It was a cute picture.

i hope you have a fabulous weekend Serene!!

iamwoman said...

OKAY -- so I just HAVE to share what I did for DH last year on his birthday. I don't know if you have time-- but it is SO killer cool that it might be worth a belated one. Go here -


Amy said...

Yeah my hubs doesn't like a big deal out of anything either.
I'm the total opposite. So I guess that pretty much makes us the perfect pair. I love being the center of attention and he hates it so it works.

Garden of Egan said...

Hmmmm, I thought "dressing down" was a good idea.

Hope your show goes well this weekend!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I got it and I understood it and that picture was hilarious!!!

Good for you though crafty woman!

Brittney said...

oooh i want the recipe!!

Me and Kent are pretty boring too. We "give" each other money for each other's bdays and say "have at it"! Because otherwise we don't really allow ourselves to get anything for fun. Except we have started getting each other some treats from the store... because that's something else we don't normally buy. What a BLAST

Wonder Woman said...

I'm joining the ranks of women whose husbands don't want a big deal made out of their birthdays. I threw Superman a great surprise party a few years ago. It was fun, but he isn't much of a party person. Also: never EVER wants me to spend money on him. He doesn't want me to spend money PERIOD but especially not on him.

Lucky for me, the only thing he really wants doesn't cost money! ;o)

p.s. totally got the lemon guy. Making lemonade out of life's lemons is much easier said than done.

Patty Ann said...

Yep, we totally gave up on big birthday todo's. Life is good and we celebrate being together. Actually, the best gift that I have found is to just listen to what he wants. This year, he got an ipod in March that he picked out and it is for his birthday in May and father's day. Then I made a wonderful surprise cheesecake for his birthday just so he would know that we really did love him. He thought this year almost beat the new grill he got last year that was his christmas, b-day and father's day presents!

GordoSafado said...

Hahaha. Well, I must admit I have to laugh at this response. Especially those comments from Renee, Serene's post, and Lisa. Totally made my day to see the unwarrented reaction =)

First off, Renne and Serene, you two who know me clearly better than those responding should have known, it was just a sarcastic statement with which I will back up quoting from posts of yesterday's blog.

For example, "oh no worries - when he gives you that "holy heck woman what do you DO all day" look - just send him over to talk to ManOfTheHouse... I won't even be in the same STATE for father's day this year... yikes!. Or another one, "tell him that this year you decided to let him pick out his gift :), and yet again, "Hurry and shove everything in the closet, throw the vacuum in the middle of the living room, throw an onion in the oven (smells like something yummy is cooking) dress up (or down) and welcome him with a big smile."

Now I know that these posts were made in jest and fun and I am not knocking on them in the least! But I would think it is obvious to see why I posted what I did from such comments. So consequently, I responded with a post made in jest.

Sarah, having been to your home many times, having helped clean, baby sat, ect. I think I understand a least a little bit at the effort you go through to make Luke a happy man and your house a home. (So consquently I also appreciate and understand the picture). So I have to admit I am a little surprised at your response.

But hey, perhaps that is why I am still single?? Because I am nothing more than a pig who doesn't understand the "pearls" of life and CLEARLY don't understand in the least what women go through. *sigh* - Oh well.

Well, I apologize to anyone I might have offended by my sarcastic reponse to my beloved sister's blog. =) She is a wonderful person, someone I treasure and I do not want to cause any hard feelings for those who religiously visit her blog. I hope ya'll have a wonderful day!

T said...

the suicidal lemon was not lost on me :)

I worry about ManOfTheHouse's birthday WAY more than he does... but had to tone it down since he doesn't like me to make a big deal of it (well, except for that 40th birthday - we didn't tone Anything down that day!!!)

M-Cat said...

I am the lamest! Splenda Daddy does the best things for me every time, and I can never even match let alone top him!

He remembers, bd's anniversaries, special dates, and flowers just cause. I'm lucky if I remember to get him a card.

I don't deserve him. Maybe if I got your icecream cake recipe and then paid someone to make it for me, I could redeeem myself somehow : )

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

LOL! Oh Abe, this post as all in jest too! No worries! No one was offended. I just HAD to laugh at your comment and blog about it!
Love ya!

Charlotte said...

Sibling fight! I hope there isn't going to be any blood involved.

I have the same problem with my husband. The toys he wants are WAY more than a birthday present budget. Plus, he is the romantic, present buying one so I am already at a disadvantage. I wrack my brain every holiday and only succeed rarely. I try to convince him every year to NOT exchange gifts on our anniversary.

His favorite present every year involves me dressing down, buy the way.

Kristen said...

Well, my husband is the total opposite of yours. He is in his 40's and still thinks he needs to have all the fanfare of a 6 year old.

However, I am more like your husband who doesn't want any of that. I do want to be remembered but that is all that matters to me. I don't need a big to do.

BUT... My husband is a typical man who forgets about me until last minute.

So, I have planned something major for him each year but get forgotten until the last oops minute.

My suggestion for your brother would be to know your spouse/girlfriend's desires in this area and go with that. And make sure she knows yours.

Also, if you are a "forgetter" put it on your calendar with some advance notice and DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!

Now, will you forward this to my man? He seriously needs help. lol

Mama Smith said...

Children...Children...Children...Do I need to call "Court"...(inside family joke) (smile)

Sue said...

My adult sons don't seem to care much about their birthdays, either. I do think it's kind of a guy thing.


Polly Blevins said...

I don't know any guy who likes a big hurrah for their birthday. What can they say, they aren't women. Maybe you should wrap yourself up in wrapping paper. I think he would enjoy that present. If you felt bad because of no extra present, hold one of your kids toys for him. I like silly string. Besides, it is not our fault that men want big toys because everything small they want, they buy when they want it. Give us a break!

Kazzy said...

I am so social that it is always strange to me to hear of someone who doesn't want a party. LOL

Braden said...

Not touching this with a ten foot pole. Except to say:
I like HUGE deal made out of my birthday, everyone.
It is September 3rd and I do everything I can each year (tastefully) to make sure everyone at work knows it so they can have proper and sufficient time to prepare.

Krista said...

I love big parties! And no one throws them for me. (sniff) I think you have just become the new "Dear Abbey". Unfortunately, there is so much for your brother to learn, he could not read enough blogs to become the perfect man. Just remind him to be humble and if he can't be humble, just pretend.

ldsjaneite said...

I sometimes wonder if the birthday thing is related to the female desire to feel loved and have attention devoted to? Just a thought. I know I don't like huge to-do's with people that are not close to me. But I am very hurt when those I am close to brush off my birthday as any other day...or forget it! Maybe that's why I'm learning to just enjoy celebrating it by myself so I won't be disappointed!

As for others, I don't think about doing huge parties and such. But I greatly enjoy finding a present that has a lot of thought and meaning behind it.

Love the lemon picture.

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