June 1, 2010

Blogger's Conference - Part 2

Friday morning the anticipation and excitement was so great you could almost taste it. Although, I wish it had tasted like maple bar donuts, that would have made it even better.

This is sadly the only picture I took of Elisa, Julie, and Caroline, the three masterminds behind the CBC. There were all just so busy I didn't have the guts to ask them to stop and pose for a picture.

The lectures that took place all day Friday were very good. Although since I'm not a business blog and not all that into social networking yet, it didn't hold a whole lot of relevance for me personally. But I did learn a whole lot of "good to know"s.

I even got to meet Braden's lawyer brother Ryan. There is one perk to having a slightly unique name, and that is that people recognize it. Thank heaven's too because I would have felt awkward introducing myself and talking about how much I loved his blog if he didn't recognize my name from my comments.

Then the lawyer groupies were starting to crowd so I high-tailed it out of there.

But Sarah from For the Love was there just for Friday. Isn't she adorable? I wish I had had a chance to chat with her more.  And Linda of course. I just couldn't shake her. She wanted to be in all the pictures with me, me, me! Okay, maybe it was for Sarah, but says who?

I swipped this next picture from Crash Test Dummies blog since I didn't get one with her. She's the awesome lady with the Charlie's Angels hair. I'm so jealous. I wish I had Charlie's Angels hair!

And then there's my favorite nurse Tauna on my right, and I'm loving her face in this picture, and next to her is DeNae. I know right, I'm in a picture with DeNae!

I'm not a groupie. Promise.


Friday night after classes was the CBC social. As entertainment, they featured two big singers, both of whom I had never heard of.

Perhaps if they had been big Dora the Explorer or Little Einstein singer's I would have been more familiar.
This is Mindy Glendhill. I loved her music, she has a really pretty voice and great songs.

This is Cameron Rafati. Whom I will call Paul Bunyan. If he had been wearing green I would have called him the jolly green giant. I mean this guy was huge! See, here he is holding a regular sized guitar. Tiny on him huh.

Then he finally whipped out his special order, extra-huge sized guitar!

Okay, not really, it just seemed that way.

And I thought I had big feet! Mine are teeny compared to his. I found his boots to be rather frightening. As one who has extra-long toes that get stepped on ALL THE TIME, I'm still having nightmares at what his boots could do to my poor toes. I made sure I stayed far away.

I was sitting front row with these lovely ladies, Krista from Shades of Blonde, and Lisa from Blue and Shoe. They were just down-right hysterical and not afraid to bust a move! Loved them! I just wish I had a picture of Linda who sat on the other side of me going at it as well.

Seriously, it was awesome.

And then I got to meet Wonder Woman and her sweet baby Marvel who was there just for the evening. They were both so cute. I just wish I had taken pictures with Rachel, and The Damsel as well.

When I went to sleep that night, the morning came way too soon.
Are you getting sick of me talk about the CBC yet? Well, tomorrow will be the very last post about it. Promise!

27 super cool people speak:

Garden of Egan said...

Keep speaking about it girl!
You have some great pictures!
I didn't meet half the people you did.

It was a good time.

Reality time now. Boo.

Kristina P. said...

I took NO pictures! Ack! I hope people are cool with me swiping them from their blogs.

Larsen said...

I feel like a total outsider and want to be in your circle of friends in real life and in the blog world.

sniff. For reals, my nose is running today.

Landon wants to play. Won't forget it.

I was laughing my head off at the guitars and Paul Bunyan.


Cheeseboy said...

Wow, being in a picture with DeNae is like being in a picture with a superstar.

Stephanie Bishop said...

Where was this event held? Looks like such a blast!

MommyJ said...

I took one picture. ONE. And it was of Kristina and my baby. Not that Kristina isn't worthy of a picture... but I have zero photographic evidence that I even attended the stinkin event!

Lisa said...

Ahahahaha!!! BEST. SHOT. OF. THE. CONFERENCE...me with my eyes closed and lips shoved out in a hideous display of lack of inhibition. Thank you for capturing the essence of me. Loved seeing you there, Serene. And at the risk of sounding like a suck up, may I just add that you are incredibly beautiful? Flawless skin, gorgeous eyes and Snufflupuggus eyelashes. Thin, runway model body and gorgeous spirit that shined right on through. Just sayin'.

Camille said...

I agree with Lisa, you're gorgeous!
I love reliving the weekend that WAS the CBC - especially with Cameron. :) You guys were the life of the par-tay!

Hannah said...

It was fun to meet you!! You are beautiful and so sweet!

gigi said...

I've enjoyed every post I've read about the CBC! No, really I have learned a lot of new names and faces. Fun times!

One Cluttered Brain said...

*sniff, sniff*
Nothing including me huh?

*shrugs shoulders and walks away*

Nah, Just Tauna Tauna Tauna.

Jeez that girl! I oughta....I oughta.....

Ok, Ok. I mean, it's ok. I do have a picture with you and me together if you want it. I mean Am I gonna be cool and famous like Tauna too??
i mean I know she drove you, and she won a blog makeover AND a bloggy camera and she is a nurse AND she supplied you drugs, ANd I love Tauna too, but what about little old me???

I haven't done my linking post yet, but I will totally link back to your blog cause you SErene have one of the funniest REAL blogs out of ALL MMB even.

I am so glad I know you girl!

Don't feel bad. i'm just messing with you.

You SO need to get wif the program and get on tWitter though.

So we can tweet.

Please? Pretry please with a cherry on top?

Thanks girl!!!

I didn't get a pic with Crash either.

She does have GREAT hair. And shoes to boot! :)

One Cluttered Brain said...

I hope your kidneys are feeling better.
I'm worries about you.

Please tell me you are feeling better and you have a doctor appt scheduled soon.

i can't live my life without a post from Serene! :)))

One Cluttered Brain said...

I'm worries...WORRIED....
Yikes, I need spell check on the comment thing again. LOL.

Braden said...

It looks so fun! I hope Ryan's class was enlighting, entertaining, informative and so on.

Kami said...

Woohoo, fun fun fun fun fun!

Wonder Woman said...

I love how you're bent over, leaning on your knees in the picture with me. And I was in high heels. :o)

I think I need to not blog for a few days because the CBC posts are just making sad, sad, sad. I wanted to talk to you more, but got up to nurse Miss Marvel and never made my way back up there. :o(

Patty Ann said...

Love it, love it, love it! Thank you so much for sharing for those of us who were not there! Sounds like you all had a great time!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

I came over here from Crash's blog. Anyway, I'm so jealous! That conference looks seriously awesome from everything I'm seeing on everyone's blogs.

The Damsel In Dis Dress said...

Great pictures! I'm missing you dreadfully already.

Krista said...

And NOW you know why I don't post many pictures of myself on my blog. But I'm honored you thought I was worthy of being on your blog! You are so stinkin' cute! I'm so glad I got to meet you and get to know you a bit better. We so gotta get together again! Let's not wait a whole year!

Sue said...

I'm not sick of it yet. I wanted to go, so this is the next best thing...



annie valentine said...

Didn't even take a picture with my ghetto phone, I'm so lame. I'm glad there's a record of the many beautiful faces somewhere on this world wide web.

T said...

so many pictures out there of this event I think it's possibly the most photographed event of the year (even more so than Christmas maybe...)

Seth said...

Maybe it's because it's late, but these conference blogs are hilarious. E.g. the guy with the regular sized guitar cracked me up. Glad you had a good time. Hope you're feeling better.

Mr. Stupid said...

Looks like so much fun. Its great that you got to meet so many wonderful bloggers.

ldsjaneite said...

I've actually heard of Mindy Gledhill. I think she sings on a CD I have somewhere.

Jones said...

Hey Serene :) Not sure if you got my email or not. That's really funny about Cameron he's friggin 6.6 lol. Anyway, I emailed you about maybe putting the video we premiered at CBC for "1 in 10" on your blog? We're trying to really push it and get it out there on blogs to help promote it :) If you don't mind helping with that then here is the link :) Great recap posts btw! - Jones


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