June 30, 2010

Teeth VS Claws

I realize I could lose readers due to this post, but it's a risk I have to take. For there comes a time in every one's life when they feel they need to take a stand, voice their opinion, and do what they can to change the world!

*cough* Err... I'm totally blaming that on my lack of sleep.

Generally speaking, I'm not much of a groupie.

Although I have seriously considered making a "Team Chocolate" shirt, just to make sure people know where I stand on important matters.

But I don't own a single fan t-shirt of any kind, or have a poster of anyone. Not so much as a key chain that belongs to a famous character, book, movie, or person.

I'm sure as many of you know, due to the rather large bags under your eyes and the caffeinated sodas in your hands that you're guzzlin' down as you read this, that the new Twilight movie, "Eclipse" premiered last night.

My new friend Gina had a spare ticket and invited me to go in a very, I'm Gina and I won't take no for an answer type of way. That's why I love her.

She even lent me a t-shirt so I would fit in. Now that's true friendship.

I met up with Gina and her super-cool friends and waited hours at the theatre for the movie to start. Think hyper, giddy women on a caffeinated sugar rush confined to a very small space.

It was awesome.

Despite the sea of raging romance-deprived estrogen that ravished the movie theatre last night, I was only mildly disturbed by the number of 600-year old women wearing "Bite Me" t-shirts.

I was, however, surprised at the mildly impressive number of men there representing Team Testosterone. I have to wonder what their wives/girlfriends threatened them with in order to get them there and temporary turn over their man-card.

I admit I had been a little hesitant to go. I liked the books but had groaned and rolled my eyes all through the first movie, and laughed my way through the second.

That being said, here are few things some of you may or may not be happy to know. Don't worry, no spoilers.

- The movie still did not make enough money to provide enough shirts for Jacob.
- They hired a new make-up artist who was actually successful in making Edward look hot.
- The fight scenes were really pretty good and I believe would be "male" approved.
- The acting significantly improved. Bella is capable of showing emotion after all!
- There are some pretty dang good one-liners in the movie.
- Jacob is still whiny and Edward is still dumb.
- The romantic parts are still super-cheesy.
- Go Team Edward!

Hey! Who said that last one? I'm Switzerland.

All in all, I thought this movie was WAY better than the other two. I enjoyed it.

After I got home and removed the sleeping children from my side of the bed at 3am, I snuggled beneath the covers and fell into a deep sleep that I awoke from just in time to be late for Joseph's T-ball game this morning.

If they only knew what I give up for them.

Because I'm a good mother like that.

36 super cool people speak:

The Damsel In Dis Dress said...

hahahaha glad you had fun. As for the movie, I am hoping for a special director's cut that shows only the parts where Edward/Joseph looks hot and skips the rest. Yes?

The Wifey said...

I also liked this one better than the last two. So far it's my favorite. And it was our second time in a row going to the drive in. The wait in line was only 30 minutes and the craziness was almost confined to everyone's individual space they were parked. I did also notice the substantial increase in the male population at the drive in than I expected though.

Kristina P. said...

I refuse to believe that Edward ever looks hot.

Lara said...

Hmm. So my friends went and bought me a ticket to the midnight showing without asking me first. Because they knew I'd say no thanks.

So I went. Under duress. :)

It was fun, but the movie left a lot to be desired. Although I do agree that the one liners were pretty funny.

Patty Ann said...

Yeah, my kids have a totally uncool mom who would not take them opening night. I am holding out for Thursday afternoon. Yeah, I am kinda selfish that way I guess. Two jobs and exercise in the mornings make for a super busy and grouchy mom who needs her sleep!

Saimi said...

Haven't seen it yet but I WANT to!!
I believe the movies are getting better because they are raking in more bucks. The first one was a bit cheesy but hey, who cares. It's the books I liked, the movies are just part of it all.

I'm an Edward fan myself, just because I like his character in the books.

Kami said...

I'm off to see Eclipse in a few hours and I've read AND heard alot of critiques on it but you know what Miss Serene; I'm totally going with yourz! I'm seriously on the same boat as you with the whole Twilight frenzy, I mean I still love the books but I think I've forced myself to love the movies too, and have taken the status as 'twilight-momma', oh geez!
Can't wait to hear them 'one-liners', you're so funny!

Larsen said...

Okay, well, thanks for thinking that i am fun and that my friends are fun too. I appreciate your bloated adoration for me, really.

Your critiques were indeed SPOT ON!


You need that photo of me with the goggles to really show off my coolness though. . .. bwahahahahah!

THANKS for coming. I am so glad we were able to bond over this.

Braden said...

"mildly disturbed by the number of 600-year old women wearing "Bite Me" t-shirts"

Ok, I am laughing and laughing. But, to be honest, this kind of thing creeps me out. A. Lot. We correctly disparage men of a comparable age from lusting after young women.

Oh, did I say that? I was just kidding. Totally kidding!

Karen Tuft said...

Somebody explain the frenzy to me. I read Twilight and immediately joined Team Mehhhhh. I'm a night owl but I wouldn't have lost sleep at an Eclipse Midnight Premiere, unless Bradley Cooper or Hugh Jackman were there to sign autographs and set up a kissing booth.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Braden: *snort* Believe it or not, there has been many a conversation about that!

Karen: Funny, I almost corrected my "not much of a groupie" comment by adding a "unless Hugh Jackman were to enter the room."
Love it!

Brenick said...

the only thing i like about this post is the "team chocolate" idea. Yes, I think i need to get a shirt like that.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Does that mean you are pro or anti twilight?

I like to think of myself as Switzerland.

iamwoman said...

I am about to pass out after last night! It was a bit boring in spots--but overall they seem to be getting better. I only hated Kristen Stewart at a level 7 for this one. Level 24 on the 1st one;)

I also wore crazy dark blue metallic eyeshadow and a glittery team VAMPIRE t-shirt 9I'm switzerland.) From the stares I got--I think I definitely worked the 17 year old look the right way, baby.

I am sick from candy and lack of sleep. But the comment from the 19 year old Lowe's cashier when I was buying orchid moss right before I hit the theater was right on point. "Sometimes you just gotta nerd it up a bit."

iamwoman said...

Or maybe I worked it the WRONG way in my 30 year old body.. haha!

Royalbird said...

I completely agree with your assessment, except the last of course! I think I will join you on Team Chocolate. Since I can, in no way, support either of the other teams.

Krista said...

I thought I was the only one who thought Jacob was whiney. Total turn off - and "Edward" didn't do it for me either. I choose chocolate! Remember your TRUE friend who provided the ultimate chocolate for you when you were in town.

One Cluttered Brain said...

Are you Team Jacob too?
So nice...
i am looking forward to seeing it soon!!!

Lisa said...

There is nothing quite so fantastic as a midnight showing of anything. Glad you woke up in time to be late. You're a giver.

Cheeseboy said...

- sigh - I saw your vampire people sitting in line as I left Toy Story 3 yesterday. I felt sorry for the boyfriends/husbands that were already bored.

Go team Jacob!

Sue said...

Somehow I have missed the whole Twilight thing. This may or may not be an indicator of old age.


Mr. Stupid said...

I never watched even the first part. To be frank, I couldn't spell the movie until now. Thank you!
I hope they buy Jacob a shirt soon...:)

See Mom Smile said...

Hi, my name is Linda. I think we met at CBC...:) I have missed you immensely. LOVE your blog as always.

1. Saw Eclipse today.
2. Best one yet.
3. Did not wear a fan t-shirt but did hoot at the screen once.
4. Don't care if Jacob ever finds a shirt.
5. TOTALLY thought Edward looked better than ever.

T said...

I've seen Toy Story and How to Train Your Dragon this week... I think I'm just going to be on Team Buzz and call it good.

I might just have to wait for the video.

Julia said...

I really liked this movie better too! And I agree, still cheesy, still whiny in parts. And I've thought about it, I'm just Team Twilight Saga. I can't pick sides! I was at the midnight showing and will be going again tomorrow night and probably next week too. Just can't get enough!

Holly said...

Haven't seen it yet...
Loved your take on it, though!

(The OTHER Vitamin C)

Amy said...

I'm not a Twilight groupie either. I had a perfect night's sleep tuesday night (for once.)
I am looking forward to seeing the movie though, I thought it looked good. I'll probably go see it with my mum and sisters so we can make fun of all the cheese.
(we burst out laughing when Carlisle, the amazing over-makeup-ed human ken-doll first entered the scene in Twilight)

Glad you had fun! Midnight movies often do that to ya.
*I do admit I am a groupie of Lord of the Rings (Peter Jackson for the Hobbit!!!) Narnia movies, Star Wars (yes, one o' them) and Harry Potter.

Amber M said...

Your too funny! You nailed it in the best movie review I have read yet! I promise we attempt normal most of the time. Thanks for coming along and being a good sport!

Polly Blevins said...

Team Jacob all the way. I don't think a controlling man who thinks he has to completely take care of me is sexy. I don't know, liberated woman or just confident in myself. Those 600 + coined the term "cougar".

The Bahr's said...

Haha, you are great! I saw it last night, it's full of cheese but it's way better then the last two. The best part was listening to all the High School girls screaming. Dont you miss being 16? NOT!

Kazzy said...

I never saw the second movie, but to me the main reason to attend these is to have some girlfriend time, which is always good. :)

Cherie said...

Glad you liked it (mostly?) - Your comments cracked me up!

Amber said...

I refuse to see or read Twilight. I'm not into romance. Yuck.

Still. This review made me laugh!

Living the Scream said...

I also saw Eclipse at the wee hours in the morning and agree with your synopsis. It's funny how serious people get about these movies. By the way in case you are wondering I am on team Jacob. lol

Valerie said...

So glad you had fun. I am definitely not into the series. I read the first three and got bored in the last and never finished it. I saw the first movie and didn't like it. I don't understand a whole group of people rooting for the relationship where the girl is in love with a jerk. I'm really not into that right now. :) BUT I think it's fun to get together with a bunch of friends and just be silly and enjoy it all. So hope you continue to have fun with it!!

M-Cat said...

I just don't get it. But go Team.......you!

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