June 25, 2009

You Did What? Weird.

The strangest things can make me do the strangest things.

Tuesdays is garbage day. I did a quick check around the house for any and all garbage, and as I placed my last bag into the garbage can, I realized it was only half full.

And it just rubbed me wrong.

Like seeing a guy wearing skinny jeans.

I was irked.

Not that I wanted it to be full of household trash or anything. Its just that, well, if we have to pay a monthly fee to have the garbage picked up then I want it to be worth it!

I wanted my trash can to be full.

So I did the strangest thing. I started pulling the weeds out of our front yard. Why is that strange? Because weeds ARE our front yard. We have no grass, just tall weeds. I filled up three large garbage bags full of weeds. This filled our can to full and then some, before the truck came around to pick it up.

And I felt quite satisfied, accomplished, cavalier.

Cavalier? What in the world am I talking about....

So then I spent all afternoon pulling thistles and weeds out of our garden. Now I have a pretty sweet glove line. It actually looks much worse in person.

I would have shown a picture of the tops of my knees, since they are a nice red color and just a bit crispy, as well as my awesome sock line around my ankles, except that I am, well, just a bit... er, you know, prickly.

Like a 5'o clock shadow on a man. Not that I mind a 5'o clock shadow on a man. Scruffy can be nice, scruffy can be sexy. But I've never heard of anyone saying, "Oh wow! Look at the prickles on that girls legs! Oh ya, now that looks nice!"

And if I did, I would walk away as quickly as possible.

Then yesterday, I decided I would just finish the job. We have no lawn mower, not that it would help. Most of the weeds were too tall for it anyway. We need to spray them and kill them, but they are too big for that. We need to cut them first. We were even told that a weed whacker wouldn't do much against the monster weeds. I suppose we could pay someone to come in and mow it down but that's just more money we don't want spend. So there was nothing left to do but pull.

It looks so much better! Sorry, no "before" picture. But you'll get the idea when you see the backyard.

Anyway, Luke came home for lunch when I was about half-way done with the front. He looked at me and the weeds then walked around to the back and said, "Ya, we'll pretty much have to do that back here too."

Oh man! What have I done! Anyone free for the next couple days? I could use a few extra hands!

And yes, our property line is BEHIND the trees.

When I first tried to get the kids to help me Savannah replied, "But mom, kids aren't suppose to work!"

Well, at least I got about 10 minutes out of her today.

And I need a whole lot of aloe vera.
And a back rub.
A foot rub would be nice too.
Maybe even a bag of chocolate for energy.
Perhaps a session with a therapist.

Then I'd be set.

Okay, I've changed my mind after looking at the pictures again. I suddenly like the idea of hiring someone.

6 super cool people speak:

pcNut said...

Your work on the front yard looks AWESOME!
I agree too. Sometimes hired work sounds really good to me:)
Love you:)

Sara Lyn said...

Wow! Good job! And I love the sunburn. Morgan has a significantly darker left arm than right arm right now. Last Friday, he drove to work in our un-air-conditioned car just late enough so he got a sunburn and then the sun scorched him again on the way home. :) Very cute. I'd give you a rub if I were there. Good luck. :)

Valerie said...

That looks amazing. I am impressed. I'm bad at pulling out a few little weeds here and there. I've never done that much weed pulling in my life!

MindyannaJ said...

Skinny jeans on boys irk me too!
Way to go on the yard! I think that's one of the reason's I love gardening so much, at the end of the day when I feel achy all over I also feel like I accomplished something good. The unfortunate part about weeds is that they just keep coming back! I've given up on my firepit area (lol, a hole in the ground)....the jungle look is there to stay for now.

Mama Smith said...

I love working in the yard...I would help you in a heart-beat!!! When I went to my Dad's house, I pulled weeds for 4 hours...I got up before the crack of dawn...(trying to beat the HEAT)...It was very satisfying observing my work...and knowing...it was something my dad no longer could do...After, we move...and get settled in Montana...and we get a chance to visit...I will be sure to bring my gloves...and work clothes...We will have a grand time...working on your yard!!!!

Garvin Smith said...

Try a lawn mower!

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