June 29, 2009

Smile! Its Monday.

Savannah ran into the house all in a tizzy.

"Mom!" she exclaimed, "Mom, there's a swamp on our house!"

I knew immediately what she was talking about because she can never remember the right word.

"A swamp? On our house?"
I tried to sound shocked.

she gasped, " A bee swamp!"

She meant a wasp.

Savannah: "Help! I'm stuck like a giant!"

Jacob talks a little too well sometimes. When I wouldn't give him something he wanted the other day he looked up at me with his pouty face.

"No! You in bi fwouble mommy! I go tell Vannah!"

He marches off. Next thing I see is Jacob with his head on Savannah's lap looking all weepy. Savannah pets his head and comforts him.

"Its okay Jacob. We'll go ask daddy!"

Tell me. What do I do with a four-year old girl who's new favorite phrase is,

"That's totally awesome!"

3 super cool people speak:

Sara Lyn said...

Jacob is stinkin' hilarious. Crying in Savannah's lap because Mom isn't giving in? That's great sibling bonding. Good job! :)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Or, I might have a mutiny on my hands in a few years.

Valerie said...

Fun photos of your kids!

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