June 8, 2009

Bling Bling Overreaction

Savannah really needed some new summer church shoes. So I FINALLY got around to running to the store... well, with all the kids of course so I don't know if you could call it "running to the store". It's more like a shopping expedition really. You need necessities, emergency supplies, and a pack to carry it all in.

As I was scanning the vast array of shoes and trying them on Savannah's feet, her eyes fell upon a pair of flip flops. Clear with a big giant diamond on them, her eyes perked up, a huge smile spread across her face and she excitedly exclaimed, "These mommy!! I like these!"

She pulled them out and tried them on just as a worker walked by and, clearly amused by Savannah's excitement, commented, "Oh, you like the bling, bling eh?" Savannah giggled and walked around in them for a while.

I was not convinced. I tried several other pairs of shoes on her but was met with some excuse or another why she didn't like them.

"I don't like these, they are too small. I need the bling bling shoes."

"No, not these! They pinch my toes! I need the bling bling shoes."

Etc... etc... etc....

The same worker, after observing our dilemma pointed out that they were having a buy one get one half off sale.

I glared at her in my mind and tried to will her away and not give Savannah any more encouragement.
What was my problem anyway? They are just cute fun shoes! Yet somehow I felt like she was asking me for a hot pink padded, push-up, lacy bra. I was actually feeling (secretly of course) freaked out by the idea of getting these shoes for my daughter! Somehow it made me feel like, if I bought them for her we were heading down a road of bikinis and daisy dukes.

After muttering a few things of that nature under my breath, another shopping mother just laughed at me and said, "It only gets worse! But those aren't a big deal, don't worry about it!"

Savannah was begging me. She has little to no dress-up clothes, poor girl, and so I finally decided it would be fun for her to have them. I know, geez it not like it was a nose ring or anything! Honestly I have no idea why I reacted that way to these fun shoes.

Quick, someone find me the MOMMY MANUEL, we need to have a consultation.

So I just picked out a pair of church shoes that I liked for her while she carried her new "bling bling" shoes to the front like they were made of glass.

So far so good. She hasn't tried to sneak out at night and she hasn't been asking for new clothes or make-up. No boys have stopped by for her and the car is still parked in the garage. Maybe this isn't so bad after all!
But don't you go getting any ideas now Miss Alayna! This whole "minimalistic" clothes era of yours will only last a short time. Once you hit age two its all turtlenecks and tennis shoes for you!
Oh stop freaking out, I'm just kidding... maybe... a little... hmmmm....
Do you think I'm being a little over protective?
On second thought, don't answer that. I'm allowed to be over protective, I'm a mother.

7 super cool people speak:

Tabitha (From Single to Married) said...

no, I don't think you're being overprotective. :) I think it's normal to be worried when kids start noticing fashion and trends because you have to wonder what will be next on the list. But don't worry, I don't think she's going to start wearing mini skirts or nose piercings just yet!

Heidi said...

I think that's a humorous reaction. And normal. My reaction is "What ugly shoes!" :-) I'm not one for the bling, personally.

pennylutz said...

I love the bling bling shoes. I've never been girlie so I love dressing my daughter up... but then she's never ever going to grow up enough to think about boys!

Valerie said...

My 6-year old has her own sense of style too and it isn't what I want for her. Nothing too crazy either, just not what I'd like her to wear. It was so easy when she was little and would wear whatever I put on her. :)

Mama Smith said...

I found great "humor" in this little episode...I thought about how I reacted to different "styles" sometimes you girls would come up with...As I pondered over each one of you "4" girls, I thought...I know WHICH ONE OF YOU would have picked out the "bling bling shoes"...I do believe...there is ONE in every family...(smile) Can you guess who I am thinking about??? (smile)

Christy Carlson said...

I smiled with this.... I just bought Annika her first pair of heels. They are a silver wedge sandal, 2 1/2 inches high, size 9 1/2. She is only 11 years old!
I was freaking out just as much as you I think. Maybe a little bit more. One good thing, she is taller than most the boys her age (especially with the heels on) so she is just looking right over the boys.

kbankids said...

The Lady was right. It only gets worse. Shoes aren't a big deal though. I have decided it's easier to shop for the girls without them there.

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