June 16, 2009

And yet, he's only three.

So far today, Joseph has:

-gone through three pairs of clothes
-played in the mud, then ran through the house with muddy feet
-decided the walkway in front of our house was a public restroom and used it as such
-spilled an adult sized glass of lemonade all over the kitchen floor
-stole all the sweet portions of Jacob's breakfast and lunch
-completely missed the toilet and managed to coat the bathroom
-climbed up the freezer in an effort to get to the otter pops
-climbed up the pantry in order to get... something. I'm still not sure what
-scaled the counter walls in an attempt to get the kitchen sissors

And Luke's not even home from work yet.

Does anyone know where I can get and extra pair of arms or eyes?

I am willing to accept above said items off the black market.

5 super cool people speak:

Heidi said...

Hmm-good luck with that quiet hour thing. :-) I think it's time to pass on my brother's nickname to your son: Black & Decker Home Wrecker.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

L.O.L.! That's awesome!
When the movie "Transformers" came out, Luke came up with a name for Joseph. He called him, "Destructicon".

Kira said...

Serene. Carseat with impossible to undo belt buckle. Graco makes one. Sometimes it is just safer.

Mama Smith said...

Sounds like...Luke is needing to build an "obstacle 'challenge' course" (jungle jim type thing) in your back yard...things for Joseph to CLIMB...(like a ROPE climber)...something to CRAWL through on his hands and knees...and/or a SAND BOX to take his toys and build mounds to take his little cars or objects through...or some creative thing...he can make in a sand box...A swing...slide...etc. (Even a tree house - I know, may not have a TREE, but some kind of play house) Go on line...for ideas...May be worth the investment...Joseph is a very BRIGHT boy...and placing all that energy into CREATING or DOING...is going to be your challenge...Pray to find what he is GOOD AT...or has the ability to do...then...find the means for him to put it into action constructively...

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Kira: LOL! Just out of curiosity, have you tried the car seat trick?

Mom: I've tried to find a T-Ball team for joseph but around here you have to be four years old. So, I've decided to put savannah and Joseph in a swim class.
Maybe that will help... a little.

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