June 11, 2009

Pay Attention to What You Say

"Mom?" Savannah looks up at me with large, hopeful blue eyes. I was in the bathroom putting on as much of my face as I could before the boys woke up.

"Can we get this toy?" She holds up a picture of a large and expensive baby toy that she found in a old magazine.

Barely glancing at the picture I replied, "Um, no. I don't think so."

Clearly disappointed, her face falls into her expertly practiced pouty face. "Why not?"

"Well, its kind of expensive and you have plenty of toys downstairs you don't play with." Was my clever, all-purpose mommy response.

After pondering my statement for a moment she asks, "Is it cheaper at Walmart?"

3 super cool people speak:

John and Jami West said...

That is so CUTE!!

John and Jami West said...

That picture at the very top of your blog of all the feet makes me want to cry because it is so sweet! All those little feet once kicked inside your tummy! That picture is awesome!

Mama Smith said...

Your dad will love this one...He LOVES WALMART!!!

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