June 20, 2009

Happy 6 Year Anniversary!

"Love is in the air..."

Oh wait, that's not love, that's an airplane! My bad.

I suppose some will think to themselves, "Hmm, what WILL I do on my 6 year anniversary?" While others will think, "Hmm, now what DID I do on my 6-year anniversary?"

Well, I'm just here to tell you, as part of the most romantic couple on the face of the earth, that we took our kids to see the airshow for our anniversary. I know what you're thinking, "Ahhh... so romantic! So thoughtful! That's exactly what I want to do on MY anniversary!"
Its okay, I won't charge you for taking all our romantic ideas. Although, I would like my share of the royalties. And because I like you guys so much, I'll even throw in another idea for free. Your spouse could be in one room watching a movie, while you are in the other room blogging about the airshow!

Oh there it is again! I can just hear the, "Ahhhh, that is so cute! You guys are SOO romantic!" I know, I know, what can I say! Feel free to ask me for romantic ideas if you need some.

(sigh) I can be so awesome sometimes.

Seriously though, I CAN be awesome sometimes! Who else but a totally awesome mom would let their kids eat cotton candy at 10am? On an empty stomach too!

I think I'm getting the "look" from Luke. What? I didn't do it! I swear!

Okay, so I just CAN'T let this next picture go by without saying something about my hat.

Yes, my hat.

I think I got it a D.I. sometime ago for something but as I am aging faster than most people my age my memory is going at an alarming rate. So I can't recall what I got it for. But I look silly in it. I truly do. So why in the world did I bring it to the airshow? Well, it was SUPPOSE to rain! But it didn't, of course. Still, don't ask me why I brought that particular hat, cause I just wouldn't have a good answer.

So, Savannah pulls it out and asks, "Mom, is this a parade hat? You should wear it."
So, I did... cause she put it there.

Moving away from the hat topic.

Uh oh. Savannah got a hold of the camera.

"Um, excuse me? Ya, you in the goofy hat, are you the clown in the parade?"

Why yes! Yes, I am, how did you know?

Well, Alayna looks bored, I guess its time to go.

Happy Anniversary to us!

7 super cool people speak:

Heidi said...

Has it really been 6 years already? Wow. Happy Anniversary! You'll have years of anniversaries without the kids. Might as well enjoy the ones with them! It looked like fun to me. Except for the cotton candy part.

Chelsea said...

Air show looks fun! Happy anniversary ... our six years is today! Hope you guys are doing well!

MindyannaJ said...

That's 100 times better than what Seth and I did! Which was nothing. We're usually so burned out mid week from work we never want to do anything after. I must have grumbled a little too loudy at some point because all of a sudden I got a new cheese grater from Seth as a present....haha....a cheese grater....how romantic :o) At least it was something I needed.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Heidi: I know, crazy right! Its nuts how fast time flies by!
I take it you don't care for cotton candy? Actually, my kids were a little unsure about it at first, it was funny watching them try and figure out what to do with that big fluffy thing!

Chelsea: Hey! Well, Happy Anniversary back! We are doing just great.

Mindy: I had to laugh. I"m still deciding if the, "Oh, its our anniversary? Huh." attitude comes from being married for a little while or maybe its just that our husbands aren't exactly the "flowers and chocolates" romantic sort. =)

Mama Smith said...

My dad gave my mother on their FIRST ANNIVERSARY...a "can opener" and a "cookbook"...LUCKY for him...he had a backup...a box of chocolates and some flowers...or I don't know...if they would have made it the 38 years...they did live together..(smile)

mrs. tapa said...

Hey, anything out of the house feels shmomantic these days--with or without (and usually with, of course) the kids!

Garvin Smith said...

Do you remember the air shows you went to as a child?

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