June 23, 2009

Topical Tuesday

The pressure can be intense sometimes, really intense. People joke about it, but I have seen for myself just how true it is. "If moms not happy, no one is happy."

In my humble opinion, I think its a bit unfair that things work out that way. Does this mean we aren't entitled to our "bad" days? What happens if we have a bad week? Or a bad month?

At some point, everyone feels a bit frustrated. And I was just thinking about this when I came across this by Lavina Fielding.

Women who are bored, frustrated, lonely, and unhappy are terribly handicapped in also trying to be righteous. For some, the answer is changing their circumstances. For others, the answer is changing their character to meet those circumstances.

She also quoted another woman:

"And I also knew that my Heavenly Father wouldn’t set me on a course of life that would make me constantly miserable. So my job was to find happiness in that course of life. Once I started looking for the Lord’s kind of happiness instead of my own, I found it.”

So, at the risk of sounding cheesy, but I suppose cheese is better than whine, and since I was in such a good mood yesterday, I'm going to take a moment and share some incredibly GREAT accomplishments that I have done in the last couple of days.

-For the first time EVER, I bought and cooked with Leeks.

Leeks, sometimes called "the gourmet's onion" are related to onions and garlic, but have flat leaves instead of tubular and relatively little bulb development. The thick leaf bases and slightly developed bulb look like a giant green onion, and are eaten as a cooked vegetable. Leeks are not as popular in the United States as they are in Europe, where they are known as "poor man's asparagus."

Who knew? Well, not me. I had no idea what type of vegetable it was, and I was so nervous about it. But the "Ginger Sesame Chicken" turned out SO GOOD!

I will admit, I was immensely proud of myself. Especially since the recipe called for "fish sauce" and that just sounds downright nasty cause I don't like seafood. But I was true to the recipe and bought it anyway. So, there you go. I stepped out of my comfort zone.

-I finally unpacked the last two boxes that have been sitting by my bed since we moved into our house about, what two months ago now?
It was completely exciting, like getting a bag of chocolate!... well, almost that good.

-I was feeling quite upbeat yesterday and I was actually singing in the kitchen... while I was cooking! And believe me, I don't sing at all... unless you call the sound of a barking seal singing. Even Luke came home for lunch and looked at me a bit funny while I was humming over his turkey and cheese sandwich.

-I haven't shown any art work lately, mostly cause I haven't done too much, but these are my three latest pieces.

June's Primary Poster for LDV

The granddaughter of a couple my dad baptized on his mission

A friend of mine had this done as a Father's day gift for her husband

Sometimes its hard to get yourself out of a rut, at least it is for me. So I find greatness in the little things.
So in the name of all that is cheesy, tell me, what great thing have you accomplished lately?

I hope everyone has something to say.

And I confess, I covet comments.

Just don't tell my Bishop.

7 super cool people speak:

Heidi said...

You made a list of P.A.L.s! :-) Which, you know, I do a lot of myself. It really does help. But if we're patting ourselves on the back for something great, there is one thing (which, inspired by you, I may expound upon on my own blog). At least 50% of how our SRP is run is from what I implemented. All of our sponsors and donations (almost 50 this year!) have been from my work over the last 6 months. And after only one week, we already are just a few numbers shy of what we had at the end of the entire program last year. It's an amazing thing. Ah, thank you. I do feel better.

Sara Lyn said...

I crocheted a coaster for the first time. From a pattern. I've taught myself how to read patterns. Yay me! :) I'm doing more and more difficult things and they're actually turning out! It's very exciting.

Mama Smith said...

On the plane, yesterday, (5 1/2 hour flight) I talked about the gospel...with the neatest person...who has been married nearly 20 years...She and her husband are contemplating divorce...yet, neither one of them really want it... (they have 2 teenage daughters) I was praying...WISHING I had a family "pass-along" card...when Garvin asked me..."Do you want to give her a pass along card...?" I asked him if he had one on "families"...and he did...THANK YOU...Father....!!! Really neat experience...She and I talked for a couple of HOURS...

Brittney said...

What a good idea. Well, I exercised this morning! GO ME! hahaha

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Ahhh... I am surrounded by greatness!

justine said...

you are amazingly talented! Your art is absolutetly beautiful and I especially like the one for primary!

Seth said...

Leeks are good, mmm.
I unplugged a sprinkler head.
Nice art!

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