May 28, 2009

The Muddy Crossroads of Motherhood

Unfortunately for us, motherhood is not one straight track. No, no, its just constant crossroads. Nothing is allowed to be easy and straightforward. Because which ever track you choose at the crossroads, you MUST deal with the consequences.

I'm working in the garden. We have two hoses attached to each other and at the point of attachment, it leaks and leaves a nice muddy spot.

I've been working in the garden for a while now, looking very much like an ostrich at this point, and the water has also been on for a while.

Suddenly I hear a slight "shwick splat" followed by a burst of laughter. I straighten and turn.

Here at the crossroads, I ALMOST clean him up on the spot and chain him to the door for not listening when I told him to stay away from the mud.

But I thought about it for a moment and realized that if I cleaned him up he would probably just come back outside and get all dirty again. So, deciding on the path less traveled, I shrugged, turned my back and went back to work.

Savannah, seeing my nonchalant attitude toward the mess, decided that she too would test her limits and see what wonders the mud might hold.

Ah yes, crossroads can be an interesting place to be at. Now that I have let them play in the mud, how far should I let them go? How dirty should I let them get?

Joseph made up my mind for me.

And Savannah followed suit.

After giving their bodies and their clothes and good wash down, I was actually FOOLISH enough to think I had got most of the mud out.

It would seem I missed a spot.

And then there are times you wonder why you even bother at all.

More crossroads....

4 super cool people speak:

Heidi said...

Just think of how much they'll always treasure that. Happy memories are worth a little dirt...or mud. :-) I think my favorite is the drinking water from the bathtub spout.

Valerie said...

Too funny!! (I can say that because it was your kids and not mine...this time at least.) Great photos for the memories.

Mama Smith said...

I wonder where your children get such foolish ideas...huh???? (smile) I could POST the pictures from the MUD FIGHT you and a number of other "teenagers" had in our front yard...which... soon afterwards..."muddy" youth went racing through the house....and then...JUMPED into the POOL...(which took over a week to clean and then...the trip to the you all bath in your clothes..........LOVE IT WHEN PICTURES COME BACK TO HAUNT MY CHILDREN!!! (smile)

Mother Smith said...

OK...for those of you who follow Sarah's is PROOF...that her children did not fall "far from the tree"... Go to our family site:

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