May 24, 2009

The Reception

Its funny the relief one experiences when the decorating part of an event is finally completed. Especially when that completion takes place any time after midnight.
I just have one thing to say, I never want to tie another bow as long as I live.

My mom found this and thought it would add just the right amount of... uh, Becka spice to her cake, which was of course amazing. Our awesome family friend Renee made it.

My little sis was one beautiful bride. (sigh... sniff) What a gal.

The dance with daddy.

The dance with the new hubby.

And of course cutting the cake is always... an adventure for some people. Umm, personally I think the pictures are pretty self explanatory.

Becka had to throw the bouquet twice. The first time she threw it went way too far. Far enough to reach the married people. Opps.

Can you see the flowers way up in the air?

The second time, it was a bit too short. But Jackie, she's quick.

Ahhh... its over. I had a blast catching up with old friends and socializing. But now, my foot is killing me and its time for a chocolate break!!!
Er, I mean its time to clean up and go home. I would NEVER sit down and eat a bucket of chocolate, let alone fight with my pregnant sister over it. Really!

Don't you think my cute brother looks like a superhero?

And my little baby looks as adorable as ever.

Oh now, don't judge us. My sister is pregnant, my foot hurts and my other sister isn't use to heels. Can you blame us?

4 super cool people speak:

Heidi said...

Nice. Thanks for the pictures--they were fun.

CJB said...

I love the shoes you all wore!

GordoSafado said...

Need more pictures of me in there...

Nicole said...

Yay for Bekah! I'm so excited for her. I love that girl :)

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