May 1, 2009


Yes, yes I am. I am blogging about my mailbox.

Come on now, how many people get to install their very first mailbox? This is a monumental occasion for me! I suddenly feel all grown up!

See, we even had to break ground. All that's missing is the red ribbon and the party!

Luke even had to go out and buy our first shovel, just for the occasion. What did I tell ya? Monumental.

If you're wondering why on earth I am writing about such a thing, don't worry, you aren't the only one. Luke paused long enough to ask me why in the world I was taking pictures.

Luke spent forever pounding down the dirt. And it was freezing out there! If he hadn't been working so hard I'm sure he would have frozen in this position. Which could have been interesting for people driving by.

And walla! A masterpiece to awe the world!... or at least make me feel strangely like a grown-up. Yes, even more so than the actual house.
Oh my, I think it time to go in for a head scan. That can't possibly be normal.

Its even off-white to match the porch! Bet you didn't know I was so color coordinated!
Yes, yes, I'm just full of surprises.

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Heidi said...

You aren't weird. My sister-in-law's first house was so thought out, including her mailbox. It was brick with the much looked for everywhere tiny lighthouse (which would light up at night without any use of battery, etc.) b/c of her obsession with lighthouses. I like lighthouses, Anyway--Great job to both of you on the mailbox. I think it's a beginning crowning point to your home.

Mama Smith said...

ARe you kidding me? I think it is so EXCITING...every bit of it...including the ceremony of a NEW MAILBOX...(you know all the work your dad did on our mailbox...) (that is a traditional SMITH STORY)(smile) But, the ONLY picture I have of my parents building their NEW HOME...was my dad at the ripe ol' age of 28...taking a sledge hammer and destroying the animals troughs off the property before my grandfather built their new home...It means a great deal to me, those pictures...I wrote a story about those pictures...which you will get one day...(smile) Besides, you sharing these "little" moments...means alot to me...who is still too far enjoy these new experiences with YOU...I LOVE IT!!!!

Garvin Smith said...

Sarah, you are such a prolific writer that I am having a hard time keeping up with your posts! (mailbox posts?)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Ah ha ah ha ha ha....
Very funny dad.
Actually, it was! I laughed.

Moghimi Family said...

I think a post about your mailbox is wonderful! Really, really. It is monumental. Noting like getting bills in your new mail box to make you feel like a full-fledged adult! =)

Have you posted pictures of your house? If you did I missed them. I'll have to check.

Keep up the good work momma! I love your posts!

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