May 17, 2009

Pains and more Pains

This is the problem with not having your own internet yet. You become dependent. If Luke takes his computer to work then I have no access to wireless internet and can't jump onto someones unsecure network... not that I would do such a thing!! (cough) Really, can't prove a thing because I'm officially NOT admitting to taking advantage of an unsecure network, officially.

Well, I have a sunburn. I have been living in the west WAY too long. Who gets sunburns on ONE side of their body even after working outside all day? Its just not natural, and unfair. And on my left arm where I received my lovely lobster look, is now covered in bumps. Some sort of reaction to something, although I have idea what.

I also sit here with my foot under a bag of ice. About an hour ago I rolled my foot. Not my ankle mind you, but my foot. I know, I don't get it either. But I don't want to pay another doctor's bill so, I'm just going to ice it and will it to be perfectly fine by tomorrow because right now I can't walk on it AT ALL. Its interesting as well as painful to hop all over the apartment on one foot trying to keep up with four little kids.

I give you permission to laugh at the mental image.

I'm flying to Florida tomorrow for my sister's wedding and I can't exactly go hopping around the airport with Alayna. Poor girl would have some serious whiplash.

Its okay, I forgive for laughing at the mental image.

Anyone have any "ALL BETTER" medicine? I always give some to my kids but no one seems to have any on hand for moms.

Well, to make myself feel better I thought I would show off our latest accomplishment. Our soon to hopefully be garden spot.

What? You don't think its exciting? Huh, well that's just strange.

Actually, it was quite the adventure. The clay-like dirt here can get so stinking hard and with all the rocks that cover the ground we were a bit intimidated about getting started. But we bought a pitch fork with the intention of tilling the ground ourselves. Nothing like a little hard work to save money.

Uh, right.

After trying and only successfully getting the pitchfork to go into dirt about two centimeters, we decided we should rent a tiller.
For two hours we tilled that 20 x 20 ft spot. At times the ground was so hard and rocky it looked like Luke was pushing a jumping bronco. I suppose we should have tied the kids to the top and let them have a wild west experience!

Man, how come I didn't think of that sooner? Oh ya, I was busy moving rocks.

In my humble and totally completely unbiased opinion, Luke had the easy job of pushing the wild tiller. I had to run around hauling, throwing, and raking rocks.
Have you TRIED raking rocks lately? Let's see a show of hands....... THAT'S what I thought.

Of course, after filling up the wheelbarrow full I wasn't able to lift it, so I let Luke have the glory and haul them off.
I know, I'm just so self-sacrificing.

The boys helped too by watering our freshly planted trees... as well as the ground and each other. Next time, I'll let them rake all the rocks.
Now, I expect chocolate from everyone. I need to make my foot feel better somehow, so make sure you send me lots and lots of it.

5 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said...

I will be sure to have plenty of CHOCOLATE when you get here!!!! (smile)

Marvin and Brenda Henry said...

If your foot is still bothering you when you fly out to FL. You can have an airport attendent push you in a wheelchair all the way up to the gate, and have one greet you in Orlando. I broke my foot right before Marvin and I got married. We still visitied each other, but I had to use the wheelchair, the gate was too far to use crutches. I hope you feel better really soon. Can't wait to see you at the wedding! =)

Heidi said...

I have raked rocks! Just not as big as the ones in your pictures. And if you have clay-like soil, you may want to do some soil testing to help with your garden. Our clay yard in DE had an unbalanced level of nitrogen. Yeah, you'd think I had a chemical engineer for a father or something. Soil test kits are available in most garden sections or sometimes local soil agencies will test it for you for free (always the bargain route!).

I hope your foot and sunburn and everything feel better. I've heard ice cream helps cure sunburns from the inside out. Well, no, I just made that up. But eating it must release happiness to help. It can't hurt. Have a fun and safe, uh, journey! (I didn't want to say "trip.")

Kelly said...

Haahahaha! Matt just helped his parents get their garden spot ready by picking rocks. At the end of an exhausting day of picking up and hauling rocks he said, this is why I went to college! Nice garden though:)

Tabitha (From Single to Married) said...

wow, the yard looks great! And I agree with the other comments that you need to go to the doctor to get that foot looked at!

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