May 11, 2009

Jacob Turns Two

Jacob turned two years old on Saturday. I think I'm feeling a bit more wrinkly, a little older. I've discovered that parents not only get older on their own birthdays, but on their kid's birthdays as well.
Someday it will be a scientifically proven fact.

Luckily at this age they don't care much about their birthdays. They don't really know what they mean other than for some reason they get a present and there is cake!
But Saturday was a bit busy. After staying up late, we slept in.

I mean (cough) I never sleep in, ever. But I went out and bought some trees and vegetable plants for our hopefully, cross your fingers and with any luck we'll have one, garden.
When I got back I realized I didn't have anything to make Jacob's cake with. But Luke had to make a Walmart run to while he was there I instructed him what to get.
While there Luke got Jacob a little tricycle. Joseph and Jacob have been having wrestling matches lately over his bike so we figured we should get Jacob one.

Unfortunately, he still can't reach the pedals. In fact its easier for him to reach the pedals on Joseph's bike.
But the rest of Saturday was spent cleaning out the garage and Luke and myself getting all sweaty and dirty cleaning up some of the backyard. Mainly, pulling out a barbed wire fence that some brilliant person just plowed under instead of pulling out.
I had to stop once or twice to tell Luke that I thought he looked all sexy working hard and covered in dirt.
Its true, its sexy.
So it wasn't until Sunday that I got around to making Jacob's birthday cake.
I'm starting to realize that I'm past the, "I want everything to be perfect and everything has to look nice" phase of parenthood. I'm opting for the quick and easy way to do things. Thank goodness Luke got one of those containers of frosting so I didn't have to make it!!
In the end, it wasn't quite as brilliant looking as I had originally intended but Jacob didn't care! He just wanted to eat it! And he sure gave it his best shot to get his paws on it while I was making it!
Oh, these photos are compliments of our personal photographer, Savannah.

She even caught me counter climbing... opps. Well, I'm not THAT tall! I couldn't reach the matches!
And here is my culinary, or rather, box mix masterpiece!
All in a days work you know. (sigh) Its tough to be a genius at times.

Well, at least it tasted good and that's all that matters right.

Jacob is such a clean eater. He gets that from me.

After cake and since the weather was pretty nice we took the kids over to see the temple.

We tried and tried to get a picture of all the kids but after the first picture Jacob would have NOTHING to do with it.
He must be two years old or something!

Too bad. It would have been so cute to get all of them together.

While we were taking a break and eating a snack (that's one of the best thing about going places with kids. There's always snacks! Yea!) we saw a guy walk up onto the grounds, then, a few minutes later, he walked off with a large vase full of flowers. I can just hear the conversation now....
"Um, here honey, Happy Mother's Day! Yes, they are nice aren't they! Oh, I just stole them from the Temple grounds."

I just have to say that I had no idea putting in a yard could do such interesting things to people. Luke and I spent most of the time we were walking around the grounds, looking at all the trees and learning what they were, just in case we wanted some for our yard.
Huh, what? Flowers? There were flowers there? Oh, I didn't even notice! I was too busy looking at this tree!
We have veered off the road several times, turned around, and slowly driven by people's yards, only to turn around and do it again, just to get a good look at their trees or landscaping.
I'm just going to give myself the benefit of the doubt and proclaim this normal behavior.

8 super cool people speak:

Sara Lyn said...

You have gorgeous children! And your house looks so wonderful. Happy birthday to Jacob!

Heidi said...

Yeah--it's normal behavior. My parents did it all the time with each house we moved into. I love the pictures--especially the ones of the kids at the temple. But I couldn't help laugh at the bike one where Joseph's impersonating a plumber.

Mama Smith said...

I second that it is TOTALLY NORMAL to see what people do to their yards...Not only do I REDO MOST everyone's yards "in my mind"...I can't ever RESIST buying another GARDENING magazine, cause there is ONE MORE IDEA to draw upon...I swear the last magazine is the BEST ONE, yet...until I come across another magazine...that I know will have ONE MORE NEW IDEA IN IT!!! (smile) LOVE the pictures of the temple garden...and those darling little children you happen to capture...among such beauty (or should I have said that in reverse)!!!!?? Children and gardens are Father's finest creations...After all...after the "creation" was described in the Bible...the FIRST story EVER TOLD BEGINS in a GARDEN setting....(smile)

Kira said...

Awesome. Seth and I spent Saturday tree shopping. We have our list. What is on yours?

Louise said...

I love the cake not only because it's cute but because it looks soooooo delicious!

Tabitha (From Single to Married) said...

love the cake - I'm so impressed you made that especially without much other than a boxed cake.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Kira, we got the "Flowering Canada Red Cherry". I think that's the right name. Luke didn't want to get a tree that grew more than 20ft because he didn't want to overwhelm our small lot.
We also got a couple of fruit trees.
Did you guys decide on anything?

Kira said...

Still looking.

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