October 31, 2008

Halloween Hiccup

Some of you out there are relaxing after a night of trick-or-treating, or, if you have no kids, relaxing from the workout you received from getting up a hundred times to answer the door to hand out candy to all the little people who had come knocking on your door. While others, such as myself (or, in this case, my husband) is fighting with that overly stubborn child who refuses to go to bed.
As kids drool multi-colored saliva from the broad spectrum of colorful candy that they ate, parents are sighing relief that the night is over, and groaning at the thought of the inevitable fight that will occur tomorrow morning when the kiddos want to eat candy for breakfast... which is exactly what I am doing. I mean the groaning part, not the eating part. Well, I take that back, I probably will have some chocolate for breakfast. I can't help it, its a weakness. 
Still, you can't deny kids sure love this crazy night and it is a lot of fun to watch these little monkeys have so much.
But, our Halloween didn't turn out quite as expected. The original plan, was to go Trick-or-Treating around Luke's work place, then eat dinner, and go out again with our neighbors around the neighborhood. 
The first part went just fine. The kids walked around to all the cubicles collecting their prizes. It was funny to watch Savannah, take her time to pick out which piece of candy she wanted, and in the time it took her to get one piece, Joseph and Jacob had already escaped with one or two handfuls. By the time we were done, Joseph had twice as much candy as the others. I was feeling kind of bad for Savannah yet I knew the score would even out once I ate all the chocolate out of Joseph's bucket.
What? I never said I was ashamed of taking candy from a baby.  =)
But after we were done, our plans went awry. I have no clue, what or why, but the screaming, fighting, and crying started and did not stop for the rest of the night! And believe me, I am NOT exaggerating. So, we decided to pass up on the Trick-or-Treating around the neighborhood until Savannah's little friend came knocking, anxious to know if we were ready to go.
In the end, we let Savannah go out with her friend (with parents of course) while Luke and I stayed home and faced the weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. Not quite how I pictured the evening going.
When Savannah returned she had a full bucket and was happy as a clam. So, here I sit, typing away on the computer while Luke is in the kid's room, trying to get the boys to go to sleep.

Okay, I got a little side-tracked. Its probably been about 15 minutes since I finished writing the above. In that time the house has fallen into complete silence and Luke has not yet emerged from the kid's room. Which can only mean one thing, he fell asleep in there too.

3 super cool people speak:

Heidi said...

Great story. I love your writing. As for the candy, I think it helped a lot in our family that none of us got to keep our own candy. It was all about Law of Consecration. Maybe that's why everyone cared so much when my candy was stolen... Well, eat some chocolate for me. I miss it!

Mother Smith said...

Ha! Do you remember what we use to do to all your bags of candy...among the "7" of you...?(Hyrum wasn't born, yet)Again...picture "7" FULL BAGS of candy....and my decision...on how NOT to have "THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE A WEEK OF HALLOWEEN CANDY"...scenes...???

Serene Designs said...

Yes! You big meany! "Pick out 10 pieces, then I'm going to throw the rest away!"
Sheesh! Don't you know that falls under the category of 'cruel and unusual punishment'?

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