October 21, 2008

Sleep- Its a Beautiful Thing

I cannot remember the last time I had a really, really good night's sleep up until last night. For some reason, I slept like a rock! No tossing and turning, no crying kids, no elbows in the face, not even my dreams woke me up! Although for some reason, I remember them very clearly. (Let's just say it involved Luke and I hiding from bad guys, me trying to squeeze into a wedding dress while pregnant, even though I was married, and then running from bad guys again on snowmobiles. Very strange) I don't recall stirring until Luke got up to get ready for work.
I really felt great this morning despite the still scratchy throat and slight headache. 
I tackled the kids, danced around with them, (okay, try not to create to vivid an image of a big pregnant lady dancing around) and I was ready to make chocolate chip cookies by 9:30am! Don't worry, I was a good mommy and waited until noon. 
You know, when I die, this is what my kids are going to remember me for, making chocolate chip cookies and only sometimes actually baking them.

As the day got crazy and things were flying around the house: food, crayons, shoes, toys, diapers, bodies... none of it really got to me. Okay, I admit, when Jacob threw his food all over the floor again at dinner, I wasn't laughing, but all in all, I had fun today just being a mom. 
Wow, sleep really does have magical powers. 

Okay, so Luke cornered me and tickled me (I hate being tickled) trying to get me to promise not to write this next little story but hey, I just can't resist, I have to do it!
So, the old Buick that Luke's parents have been letting us use only has one set of keys, just one. From the moment we got that car, Luke has been bugging me, no, pestering me, reminding me over and over again never to lock the keys in the car. Make sure and check to see that you have them, there's only one set of keys, don't lose them... blah blah blah!
Well, I get a call from my dear hubby after work today. He's going on and on about how I would not believe what he had done, he can't believe he did it, it was so unlike him... blah blah blah.
Now, I'm thinking he must have spent a large amount of money or something. Then he says, "I locked the keys in the car". I couldn't help it, I just busted out laughing! I was laughing so hard that all the kids who were sitting with me but had no clue why I was laughing, started laughing too! Oh, it was great. Luke got a ride home from someone at work. It was classic. 
Moral of the story, be sure to take your own advice. LOL! Love you honey!

5 super cool people speak:

Monica said...

That is so funny about the keys. It seems to always go that way huh? YAY for sleep!

Michael & Charlynn's Family said...

I can totally relate! I was sure glad Michael had an extra Key when 18 month old Bekah locked me out of the car today. It's more funny afterwards than when it is happening. (The whole story is on my blog.)

Brittney said...

:) Don't worry, Luke. We all make mistakes. And we are all hypocrites.

Mama Smith said...

LOVE IT!!!! Sorry, Luke...but...it is just I can SO RELATE to SARAH's POSITION!!!! (smile)

Heidi said...

Sarah, I completely understand the sleep thing. I have not felt well in the last few days and it's amazing how much the extra, good sleep I got on Monday alone helped.

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