October 29, 2008

Trunk - or -Treat

I confess, Halloween in NOT my favorite holiday. Granted, I love the candy part, but I just don't do blood, guts, and gore. I don't do horror. In fact, I have never seen a horror film and I certainly never plan do. When I was about eight years old, someone took us to see "Ernest Scared Stupid". Am I dating myself by saying we say it in the theatre? I'm pretty sure its suppose to be a comedy, since that's what the "Ernest" movies are suppose to be. But its about this troll that hides under kids beds and such and turns them into little wooden dolls for his collection. Let's just say I never saw the end. I was so scared I left the movie and for weeks I slept completely encased in my blanket, making sure no parts were sticking out so the troll wouldn't get me. I was probably a bit younger than that when my oldest brother brought home "Arachnophobia", telling us he heard it was a comedy. Ha! Again, paranoia for weeks! 
I know, I know, those aren't even horror films, but like I said, I just don't do that. Suspenseful thrillers, yes, horror, no.
So, when it comes to Halloween, I'm all about making it "cute". Every single Halloween decoration I own, which isn't much, is "cute". I even indoctrinated my kids so whenever they see something scary or gory for Halloween they always say, "Eeww! Yucky!"
Anyway, they had a good time at the trunk-or-Treat last night. They are still playing with all the toys they got from the games. Joseph and Jacob have had several tackling matches over bouncy balls and Savannah about suffers a heart attack every time someone touches her things. 
Well, what can you do?

Savannah has been asking for over a month now to be a witch for Halloween. I'm not sure where the obsession came from, but, here she is! She wanted to be a "pretty witch". 

Our lion and our caterpillar. The costumes were given to me by my best friend Sarah.

So, when does the trick-or-treating start?

Yah yah, I know. Not much of a costume. Well, what do you expect from a pregnant woman? You can't go wrong with pajamas, pigtails, and freckles!
Oh, by the way, this is the Honda Pilot we got a few months ago.

Our trunk wasn't that great either, especially with the stroller still in it! But hey, I'm sure all the kids cared about anyway was the candy! 
I love this shirt. It was my dads. He gave it to me probably because I always loved wearing his shirts as a little girl. I even swam in them since I felt naked in a swimsuit!

Joseph showing off his... well, I think its suppose to be a candy corn painted on his face.

Waiting in line for the Fishing Pond.

Jacob, of course is eating... popcorn!

5 super cool people speak:

Heidi said...

I was never into the gory part of Halloween either. I also don't like candy. The only thing left was having a chance to dress up (always something nice or "pretty") one time in the year and not be deemed as odd and silly--as I am when I dress up during the rest of the year! The kids looked great! Very cute!

Brittney said...

So fun! I was just thinking about that the other day - how I hate all the fake blood and gore. How I don't really enjoy scary movies. And how I don't want my kids to dress up as scary characters. If they are going to enjoy the holiday, I would want it to be more for the fun of dressing up than for trying to look scary.

Garvin Smith said...

I wondered where my pajamas went!

Serene Designs said...

HA! You gave them to me fair and square!

Mama Smith said...

Oh...we are having our TRUNK or TREAT this coming FRIDAY!!! Nathan will be there in his "monkey" costume!!! I LOVE these pictures!!! Oh...how I remember all your "spooky" days...growing up!!! Miss all the hustle and bustle of getting you all ready for the Trick or Treating!!! Hey...LOVE YOUR NEW CAR!!! I didn't even know you got one!!!!

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