October 25, 2008


It seemed like everyone was posting pictures of their kids at pumpkin patches so, I figured I ought to find one around here and take my kids too! 
The kids had fun looking at all the pumpkins and going through the mini corn maze they had set up. Although, I think the kids liked the puppies that were there the best. The batteries kept dying on me so I didn't get any pictures of one of the puppies grabbing hold of Jacob's sleeve and dragging him around. Oh, it was SO funny!

True to Joseph form, he spent a lot of his time just digging in the dirt.

Poor Jacob kept tripping over the dead pumpkin vines and stems.

Savannah wanted little pumpkins so she could carry them herself.

Trying out their skills in the maze.
What a little Diva!
The kids all got free suckers, which they kept dropping in the sawdust on the floor in the barn. Jacob got a mouthful once or twice.

2 super cool people speak:

Garvin Smith said...

Looks like fun! I wish I was there.

Mother Smith said...

Oh...all my little "pumpkins"...LOVE IT!!! I second..."Papa"...WISH I could have been there...Would have been SO FUN!!!! Remember the little FARM we took all you kids to? Petting all kinds of farm animals...the GREAT PUMPKIN PATCH...here in Florida? Hmmm...now, that I think about it...maybe...we never took YOU...just Angel, Abe, and Hyrum...plus...later Josh's kids...

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