July 17, 2008

Heavy Drinkers

Its true, my kids are very heavy drinkers. Just look at them sucking down their juice! The way they drink all day you'd think they just walked out of a desert or something. 

Jacob is now at the age where he thinks he's a big boy and he has to do whatever his siblings are doing. First, it was the juice, then they put pull-ups on their heads for hats and Jacob grabbed one, ran up and handed it to me so I put it on his head. He then got this huge smile on his face and tromped off to join the other two as if he was the coolest kid on the block. It was so cute! Whatever it is that Savannah and Joseph are playing, Jacob is starting to get down and dirty with them. There sure do grow up fast.

1 super cool people speak:

John and Jami West said...

That's so cute :) I always wanted to do everything my older sister did.

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