July 3, 2008

Independence Day

Unfortunately I am not referring to the 4th of July. This is about a two-year old boy, declaring his independence from the confines of toddlerhood... or something like that. It was a sad day indeed, just a few days ago, when Joseph learned to climb out of his crib. Yes, that fateful day has arrived and now I know longer have a cage to contain the beast in. He keeps trying to sleep in Savannah's bed so I guess it is time we upgrade his sleeping arrangements from a cage to an open invitation for trouble.
Another... wonderful... little declaration of independence that has taken place has also been Joseph's new little trick of opening the fridge to help himself to what he wants. Something he learned from his big sister. But the trouble is that the kids don't really pull food out (I guess I should count my blessing there) but the drinks! Their ever sensational and ever unquenchable desire for liquid is quite something. 
The big problem with this is that they pull out what they want and then carry it to where ever I happen to be. I have been in the back more than once when Savannah walks in carrying a jug of milk. Well, the beast's big desire is for juice. Just yesterday he carried, the completely full container, of course tipped down since it was too heavy, onto the carpet. Luckily Luke caught him before anything disastrous happened. But today, I was not so lucky. Joseph had pulled the still full container of juice out of the fridge and this time, the top wasn't quite so secure. See picture below. The funny thing is that he had just spilled all this juice and he still carries the mostly empty container into the living room to hand it to me. I caught him before too much was spilled on the carpet. I'm not sure I like this kind of independence. But despite everything I love that little monster to pieces. Its amazing how that works!  =) 

It truly must have been national mess day or something. Savannah spent most of the day in the bathroom playing with water with Joseph joining her so, once again, I had in indoor pool. I think I'm pretty much use to that so it doesn't really bother me anymore. I just let them do their dirty work, than I mop up later. It provides hours of entertainment so, I have learned to appreciate its good points.

Then of course there was dinner. The kids actually did quite well tonight. Well, except for the little beast. He decided he didn't like his potatoes! It was obvious that he didn't care that I had just mopped the floors yesterday, so he decided it would be the perfect place for his dinner! This picture does not do it justice at all... but you get the general idea.

Well, here's something kind of fun! Well, maybe not for those of you who've had one for years, but for me, this is big! For the first time in my life I have my very own cell phone! Yea! Look at me moving up in the world! Luke decided when he came home from work that it would probably make it easier for us since the only phone we had was the one cell phone and no land line. So, there you have it, my exciting news!

3 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said...

There is something about a CELL PHONE...a form of "independence"..."power"....something....Now...you can call me anytime you want...I just put you in "one of my 5" to call - FREE! (smile) What company did you go with?

Brittney said...

Congrats on the cell phone! I don't think I can live without one now.

The Clifts said...

They have fridge locks. I have one on my fridge because I can see that exact thing happening. They are pretty simple. Just kind of a little plastic belt thing that sticks to the side and front to hold the door closed. I would definately invest in one for your sanity. :)

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