July 1, 2008

First Belly Picture

Due to frequent requests, I have taken my first belly picture.  Hmm, looks a little strange with my hand on my bum. Anyway, I figure I will take one on the first of every month so you can see just how quickly I get big. (sigh) I'm as big at 10 weeks as most women are at 4 months!
Well, as usual the joys of pregnancy continue. Still, with each one I become increasingly knowledgeable about the strangest things. For instance, foods that make me sick are:

*Plain Water
*Raw Vegetables eaten by themselves
Saltines and Crystal Light, here I come! LOL I'm sure you're wondering what in the world I eat!(Or maybe you aren't but I'll tell you anyway) Well, just because these foods make me sick doesn't mean I avoid them entirely... like cheese! I love cheese and eat it all the time. And I eat a TON of fruit. The only foods that I will NOT partake of is milk and bread. Those two things will land me on the couch for the whole day! But it is amazing how much bread is overrated! Here are some amazing things you can do with a big romaine lettuce leaf.
*Lettuce Burritos or Tacos (simply put all for favorite ingredients in the leaf and roll it up the long way!)
*Egg Salad (this tastes quite good in the leaf)
*Sandwich (have you ever tried putting your sandwich ingredients between two pieces of lettuce instead of two pieces of bread?)
*Lettuce Wraps (of course, this one is kind of a given, but you should also try it with some flavored cream cheese, lunch meat and chives or green onions, yum!)
*Tuna (okay, so I haven't actually tried this one, but I plan too. Its funny, I never eat tuna unless I'm pregnant. For some reason, at odd times it just sounds good)
Sorry if this menu is grossing anyone out. But like I said, It amazing what you can do with the leaf! LOL, sounds like a low-carb diet or something.
Lets see, my current cravings are:
*Jalapeno Cheddar Bread (Sounds gross? No way! It is the yummiest bread on the planet! My parents use to buy it all the time from Costco. Of course, after that big dialogue about avoiding bread you can see why I haven't indulged yet)
*Donuts (Again, something I haven't eaten in ages! But I saw a pictures of one today and now I can't get them out of my head!)
*Chocolate (Of course! But the last time I ate it it made so SO sick! So I'm trying to be a good girl and avoid)
*Baked Potatoes (Oh man, what I wouldn't give for one of my dad's world famous, incredibly fattening, but the yummiest thing on the plant, twice backed potatoes! I think I'm actually drooling...)
*Steak (A nice big, fat, juicy piece of beef sounds quite tasty right now)

Sorry If I made anyone loose their appetite... but I think I just increased mine! Actually, I am quite hungry, time to go raid the fridge!

Okay, after all this talk of food it called to memory a video my dad had sent me AGES ago, it is so funny! Its entitled, "Grocery Store Wars".  Enjoy!

4 super cool people speak:

Brittney said...

That's so funny. We just had jalapeno cheddar corn bread because someone gave us the mix. I thought it sounded disgusting but figured I would make it with chili and hope they went ok together. It was a little hot for me.. and I would never buy it again, but it was edible :)

Your belly looks cute. I love how the Shade shirts are your clothing staple (not sure if you wear Shade or another brand though).

Heidi said...

All the food sounds good to me! :-) I saw this video a couple of years ago and loved it then, too. And one good thing you can take from showing so early: it lets you know that you are so beautifully slender that there's no place for baby to hide!

Wendy said...

Congrats! That's exciting. Hope you are feeling well. You look so cute.

Mama Smith said...

Oh...my goodness...I have forgotten this video!!! (smile) I will make sure your dad sees this..By-the-way...LOVE your belly...I can at least see in pictures...how my "grandbaby" is doing...(smile)

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