July 21, 2008

Stinky Business

I apologize ahead of time, I truly don't mean to be crude in any way, but this post is about diapers... poopy ones. I'm sorry, but what is this, national poop week? It seems like I'm changing something very stinky that turns my stomach every 10 minutes! My heavens, isn't there on off button somewhere? I think when the new models come out for babies they need to have an instruction manual and a "turn poop off" button. Or better yet, a warning sign that flashes right before the dirty deed is done so you could just stick them on the toilet!
I don't know if I'll be able to get Joseph potty trained before the new baby comes. Three in diapers... oh joy. Well, on the bright side of things, I sure am glad they have disposable diapers now!
I took the garbage out today, three bags of it, and one was a full 13 gallon bag of diapers. As it turns out, I made it to the dumpster at the same time another lady did so she held the lid open for me. So, I put the two other bags in first, then, with both hands, proceeded to swing my bag full of diapers back and forth until I could get enough momentum to get it up into the dumpster! Diapers can be quite heavy. The lady just looked at me and said, wow, that looked heavy! To which I replied, yup, they were all diapers. She smiled and said, that would do it alright! 
Well, even though their ends can be quite stinky, they are also so dang cute! The kids played in the bathtub tonight and when I took them out, the boys took off running around the house in the buff. I'm sorry but I just died laughing! Their little bum cheeks a wigglin' and a jigglin'! Actually, I think Jacob has four bum cheeks he's still so chunky! All my kids were super chunks as babies. 

Savannah at 3 months

Joseph at about 2 months

Jacob at about 2 months

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Heidi said...

That's great. First diaper I ever changed was a little purple lump. Wasn't sure if I was to take that for any kind of sign. My dad had a thing about changing diapers when we were kids (as in, not doing so). So we laugh at him, and find videos like this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0VQXt0w06g) to tease him with. At least you're getting a workout on your dumpster trips!

Brittney said...

oh joy.. three kids in diapers.. haha. You seem to do so well at laughing instead of getting upset though. I love chunky babies.

We always WANTED to sit behind you guys in sacrament meeting, but it didn't usually work out unfortunately.

Umm.. i'm trying to think of a specific memory I can write about with you.. but nothing's coming to mind. I remember you always seem to keep your cool really well with your kids. No wonder you are able to have so many so young! I also always noticed that you love your shade shirts. They are just so simply beautiful. And I also remember that you looked great pregnant and seemed to get thin again so soon after giving birth!! Amazing.

Mama Smith said...

I had to smile over this post...remembering..."3" in CLOTH...diapers....TRUST ME...it is SO MUCH EASIER...to just THROW THEM AWAY!!! There were times...I wish I could have...and just bought NEW CLOTH DIAPERS!!!! (smile)

Kent said...

Well, Britt beat me to it...we would purposely sit near the front about where we thought we might be one row behind you guys. We figured it was fun for us and probably a break for you as well.

I'm not good with specific memories, plus Britt was the one who made the deal on the blog, but since you were the first one to particularly include me I'll try...

I think one time that stands out to me was when we offered to babysit for you guys and not only did you agree, but it was the first time I actually thought someone might follow through and ask us. And yes, that was a good thing.

Okay, probably my longest blog comment ever...but which was your biggest baby? I was a 9 lb. 13 oz. baby....any of them have me beat?

Serene Designs said...

AHHH! Cross my legs and knock on wood! My kids don't even come close to you!

Savannah was 7lbs 14oz
Joseph was 6lbs 2oz
Jacob was 7lbs 7oz
I probably come closest at 9lbs 9oz.

My kids all came out normal enough but I swear within the first couple months they were off the charts!

Kent said...

Haha! Britt is hoping she doesn't have any babies my size either.

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