July 8, 2008

Not quite sure what this post is about!

Sorry, I haven't updated in a couple days. Seems like if I miss a few days in a row people start wondering if I'm okay. Perhaps that's what I get for posting all the mishaps that go on around here. I can just image the questions.... 
Do you think she lost her sanity and jumped off the balcony? 
What if she got buried in the mess and they can't find her? 
Maybe the kids tied her up and locked her in the closet! 
No wait, she must still be trying to hire a dump truck to make personal stops by their house everyday to pick up the bucket load of diapers! 
Just kidding. In truth, nothing terribly outrageous has happened as of late. I mean, I'm getting rather good at catching Joseph in the fridge before he pulls things out, I can keep Jacob out of the toilet paper by locking the doors, and as long as Savannah gets to boss the boys around, life is good! And I don't count a hurricane coming through my home everyday as a mishap. 
Still, I would like to comment on the difficulty of having a phone conversation while having kids around. I was talking to my sister-in-law today and she has five kids. A normal line of conversation goes something like this, "So, how have you... Joseph! Get off of Jacob right now! He's not a horse! Sorry, so how are guys? No, put that down that's daddy's and you are not suppose to touch that! Sorry, what did you say?" (grunting on the other line while she says) "Sorry, I'm trying to get this toy animal out of the VCR... no, guys, not right now. No, put that down!  Sorry, so ya, we're doing fine just... oh no, Adam can you go help him in the bathroom!"  
I'm beginning to wonder if it's really is possible to hold a normal conversation with anyone anymore? I wonder if people who don't have kids find it to be rude?
Anyway, so here's something cute! On Sunday, Savannah and I were sitting on the couch just chatting, I think we were talking about families when she said, "When we go to the church and feel it in your heart (she even put her hands on her heart) and get married in the temple when you grow big and tall." It was just so cute I jumped up and grabbed a pen and started writing it down. When she saw that I was recording what she was saying, she repeated herself and then said, "That's right mom, you write it down, its very important!" Oh my, what a cutie!
Well, Brittany, I'm sorry I haven't written about the post you requested yet. In truth, I feel kind of silly writing about how "thrifty" Luke and I have had to be since he doesn't think we are. Plus, I don't want people to think that we think we are better than anyone else. I do get asked a lot how we both managed to graduate college with three kids and no debt whatsoever. But would people really be interested in that? I don't know? But its kind of fun to get requests! 

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Heidi said...

I don't find conversations like that rude at all. When I call my sister (4 kids), I allow at least 1/2 an hour--10 minutes for real talking, and 20 for her to be a mom!

Mama Smith said...

Your comments...are something every "Normal" MOTHER of YOUNG CHILDREN can RELATE to....Comments like this...give "comfort" to those mothers...who wonder if there is something wrong with the way she is raising her family...However, if there is such a household out there who can NOT RELATE to this....then...that would be "abnormal"....and she needs help....(smile)

Janice said...

ha ha! i don't think it's rude when moms need to interrupt phone conversations because of their kids! i just always worry that the moms think i think it's rude! ha ha! and yes, congrats on no debt...i thought that was impossible! :)

Meagan said...

I hear you. I just tried to talk on the phone a minute ago and Brooklyn was crying the whole time. I finally just gave up and said I would call back later. I don't know why she gets so hysterical if I am on the phone. Anyway...Savannah is a doll. You are so smart to write stuff like that down.

Brittney said...

oh my goodness, I can totally imagine sweet Savannah saying that. She's adorable.

K - so if you write about how you stayed out of debt maybe someone out there will think you are stuck up (it happened to me) - but people can get the wrong idea about anything. Besides, I really want to know!! If you feel better, you can email me instead ;) I guess I already found out you only had one cell phone - that's some savings right there. But you had two vehicles, right? And one was even a truck? Yeah, see - I need to know how you did it.

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