July 2, 2008

The Wonder-Tee

So, this will be a very silly post but Brittany, you inspired me to write about my Wonder-Tee faddish. =) I have received many comments on these shirts, mostly on how frequently I wear them. And really, on average I probably where them 5 out of 7 days. LOL, I'm not sure if thats just sad or down-right awesome!
I guess you have to understand one thing about me, I am not stylish. I never really have been. I don't wear styles because they are "in".  If I don't like it, I don't buy it! But even so, my "style" has changed very little over the years. I still buy the same type of jeans, never got into the skinny jeans nastiness (not to offend anyone who wears them or loves them, I just simply don't like them) and my tops have always been pretty much, solid colors, simple cut... always! As a teenager my friend Mindy use to give me a hard time whenever we went shopping because she said I always bought things that looked the same. She was much more fashionable than I ever was. I only have a handful of shirts that break away from the norm. I'm not sure why, but I always felt silly whenever I wore something fancy and nice. I just felt like it always looked out of place on me... like an 90 year old trying to relive the young days by wearing mini skirts! LOL, stylish just doesn't fit me.  
I finally discovered these Wonder-Tees when I was pregnant with Jacob. I use to see people wear them all the time and thought they are super cute. Well, I was so sick of wearing maternity clothes I thought I would try my hand at them. So, my first shirts were indeed Shade shirts that I bought in XL so I could wear them while being pregnant. I got the ones on clearance so they were only about $6. Well, I was hooked. After I had Jacob and started to loose weight I would just buy them in smaller sizes as they came on clearance at DownEast or wherever. The thing that I love about them is the are comfortable, cute, simple, stylish, can be dressed up or down, all at the same time! To be casual, slip them on with a pair of jeans and bam! Cuteness! If you want to dress up, just add some jewelry and, bam, you're good to go. Of course, I'm not really into jewelry either. I LOVE earrings, always have! But I have never been into necklaces or bracelets or things like that. Which is another thing I love about the shirts, they stay away from my neck! It is one of my big pet peeves, to have things touching my neck! Which is one reason why I don't like wearing necklaces, that and I always feel over-dressed when I wear them. Collared shirts? No way! Not unless I have to.
So, there you have it, I'm a jean and tee shirt, flip-flop loving kind of girl (although I have converted to heels over the last year). I guess that's why I love those shirts so much!
These pictures should be pretty much in order from being pregnant with Jacob (oh, that one picture, mm, not so flattering), leaving the hospital, etc. up till recently. I'm wearing a Shade shirt or Wonder-Tee in every single one! So, ya, they pretty much are my staple.  =)

3 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said...

Each of you girls had your "own" style...but, interestingly enough...all...are "simple" in dress...except both You, Sarah, and Rebekah's EARRINGS!!! ): I LOVED Rebekah and Jenny's tops best...cause they wear "my colors"...not the DARK...FUNERAL...Colors...Hmmm...Angel and, again, you...Sarah(smile)Though, I was impressed...I saw "light blue"...in your mix...of tops...(smile)

Brittney said...

I think it's awesome you found shirts that always work. I love the Shade shirts I have. I have some Mia Bellina ones too because they are cheap. I would get too bored wearing them every day, but I bet they are nice as maternity shirts.

By the way, I love how thrifty you and Luke are. You should do a post about that (e.g. the things you do to save money) because I am a big fan of being thrifty. I'll just keep trying to give you ideas to post about :)

Monica said...

I love those shirts too. Congrats on the baby. It is true what you said about the wymount girls thinking you are crazy. Just kidding. I think you are amazing and have amazing energy and cuteness for a mother of almost 4. Miss seeing you at the play ground!

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