July 14, 2008

Monsters will be Monsters


Savannah is 3 going on 13. Yesterday, she was mad at Luke so she stomped into the living room where I heard her say... and I quote, "I can't do this anymore, you are ruining my life!" Oh my, where does she get these things from. We don't get TV and Luke and I never say such things to each other so it makes me wonder. 
She also told me today, that she doesn't like it here and she wants to move. (sigh) Please tell me by the time she is actually a teenager she will act like she is in her 20's?

Joseph, in just the last couple of days, has emptied multiple lotion bottles, poured a container of hair spray down the sink, flooded that bathroom at least four times, poured a bag of uncooked spaghetti onto the floor, threw watermelon at the window, got on my computer and re-named a bunch of files, and has told me his opinion about things. It usually happens in the manner of a great scowl, a pointed finger and a very stern, "no mommy!"

Jacob turned his whole mouth green today by sucking on a marker, he has emptied the Tupperware shelf a least a dozen times, he unleashed his great toilet paper artistic skills on the hallway, he took a bite out of my deodorant, and he is starting to figure out how to fight back when Joseph tries to ride him. He really is starting to act like a toddler. He is also learning the art of the tantrum.

Now, don't take the above the wrong way, I love my kids to death! And even though they drive me nuts, I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world and they truly bring me great happiness. I just think its fun to record the good, the bad, and the crazy! Perhaps my mission in life is to make other moms feel like they are completely normal in their quest to raise children! LOL

3 super cool people speak:

Natalie said...

Candace sure misses Savannah in joyschool. She loves to get on your blog and see pictures of her. She asks to see her friends on "the blog" at least once a day. Thanks for keeping this updated. I love reading your blog. It's very inspirational, especially on nights like tonight when I am still up because Joshua has thrown up and his fever has reached over 104 degrees.

Courtney said...

I love reading your blog too, and your kids are just being kids, I miss you guys. Don't worry they aren't too bad, it is just that there are three of them and only one of you. Have you tried getting those locks for the cabinets so kids can't get in them, that might help keep them out of your food and your fridge. Just thought I might mention it, I'm not a mom yet so I don't know if it works that well.

Mama Smith said...

I LOVE IT!!!! Grandmothers can just sit back and enjoy...the joys of parenthood of our children...and simply..."remember WHEN"...(smile) I think you are an AWESOME MOTHER...!!!!

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