June 3, 2013

Jacob Turns Six

There are definite perks to being the kind of mom who is really on top of things. 

Things like, the kids always have clean underwear, and so does your husband. 

Or, since the dishes are done every night, you don't have to be frantically searching through a sink full of dirty dishes just to be able to dig out some spoons and wash them before the kids decide they are going to die of starvation. 

Or that you never have to experience that bit of embarrassment when people unexpectedly come by and all your clean clothes are still in an unfolded heap on the couch, there's a dirty diaper still on the floor from the last time you changed the baby, and you're not entirely sure what your house smells like since you haven't checked on the kids bathroom in a while.

Eh hem....  yup, definite perks to staying on top of things.

Well since we all know I'm not that kind of person, I might as well admit to the fact that I am writing about Jacob's birthday almost a whole month late.

'Cause that's how I roll these days.

Jacob has a rather entertaining birth story you can read up on if you so desire, and I know you do.

And I really didn't think I could mess up another one of his birthday cakes as badly as I did last year

Well, this just goes to show that I can be wrong... once or twice a year.

Anyhow, to kick off his birthday this year, Daddy had let Jacob pick out a special birthday cereal.

Does that seems weird to you?

Meh, maybe it is. But I never buy sugar cereal. Like... eeeever. Unless it's Christmas or some other special occasion. Such as a birthday.

So that little ole' box of cereal was a big deal around here and Jacob was just in heaven that he got to eat "cookies" for breakfast.

And let's face it. So were the other kids. The box didn't make it through the day.

Later that morning, I dropped off treats for his class at school. Since the school doesn't allow homemade treats any longer, I had to go buy something. Jacob was clear that he wanted "donuts covered in chocolate and sprinkles".

Well pish, aren't we just... specific.

But luckily for him, I found donut holes covered in chocolate and bright sprinkles. 

I thought he would burst from pure excitement.

After school he helped me make his cake batter... sort of.

Well, he licked the beaters anyway, double-fisted...

...as Claira looked longingly on in the background. Jacob wasn't willing to share this year though.

When I had asked Jacob what he wanted for his birthday this year, anything at all, he responded with two things.

First, he wanted two different kinds of bubblegum.

Second, he wanted a sling shot.

Well, that was... simple. Sort of.

I did look for a slingshot but couldn't find one so got him something else instead. But by last afternoon, he just had fire ants in his pants wanting to get his presents.

So I gave him one of them.

Seriously, have you ever seen a kid so happy? Who knew bubble gum was such a big deal?

Well, I guess I knew. He loves gum.

That night was his special birthday trip with just mom and dad. Earlier that day when he came home from school, he was excited to show me a certificate he received for a free ice cream cone from Burger King.

So when we asked where he wanted to eat for dinner, anywhere at all, he said, Burger King!

At first I kept thinking that we were short-changing the poor kid somehow. But as we sat there eating burgers and Jacob was sucking down his slushy, he kept saying over and over again, "This is so awesome. This is So. Awesome!"

I guess he really was happy about it all. Especially when he got his ice cream cone.

Since his birthday was on a Thursday and there was still school the next day, I still made him go to bed at 8:00pm promising we'd do cake and open his other gift the next day. Because I'm just that kind of mom.

So Friday I got to work on his cake.

Don't laugh. I had intended it to be a treasure chest cake.

Even though it looks nothing like it was suppose to, nor did I make it according to the directions at all.

I suppose it could have turned out decent enough if I hadn't run out of the chocolate wafers... and if I hadn't bought the really cheapy ones. Unintentionally really. I didn't see the good quality ones at the store when I was looking.

Still, as the day went on, the layers on the wafers started falling off, down, and sideways. It was in bad shape as I kept trying to get the layers to re-stick or simply putting them somewhere else on the cake.

Oui, the back look especially bad. You can see it in the video.

I suppose since it looked like this by the time we were done cutting it, it didn't really matter, but I still felt bad about it.

We had decided last-minute to invite some friends over for a barbecue dinner that night so Jacob had a couple friends with which to share his present-opening experience with.

I meant to wrap it! Really I did! Even if it going to be in Christmas paper, *eh hem* I was still going to wrap it!

But... *cough* well, I didn't. Obviously.

Don't judge.

Jacob at least didn't seem to mind a bit.

They were some new Bey Blades! He loves those things and was super excited to get some more!

And opened them with zeal.

The boys putting the Bey Blades together.

Perhaps his birthday wasn't quite as fancy as it could have been, but he thought everything about it was awesome.

He's a good kid and we are lucky to have him as a part of our family.

Love ya kiddo!

P.S. Sorry about your cake. Again. Maybe we'll have better luck next year!

But... don't hold your breath. My track record isn't that great so far.

11 super cool people speak:

Raelyn said...

"Well since we all know I'm not that kind of person, I might as well admit to the fact that I am writing about Jacob's birthday almost a whole month late.". Crack. Me. Up!! "Better late than never", as that phrase goes!! Hee, hee, hee.... ;-D
"It's the thought that counts", right? And, wan't Jacob's birthday cake edible? What else matters? ;)

Kellan and Rikki said...

Sounds a lot like how we(I)roll around here. Sometimes I'm so relieved to see I'm not the only one, and to realize my kids think its pretty awesome too. I guess I just need to get my panties out of a wad and stop worrying, right?

fakingpictureperfect said...

Love the honesty of this post. And, the joy on his face is priceless! Looks like he had a fabulous day to me!! :)

Meagan said...

As I punch Andrew in the face...

Sue said...

That kid is one great candle-blower. Happy birthday to him!


the fowlers said...

A cake full of candy is my dream come true, no matter how it looks!

Stef said...

We could be twins....exept that would be weird because we have different mothers and I'm not sure how that could work. But still we could be. Love the cake! Awesome!!

jaacs said...

I was just thinking how great it would be to get a cake with chocolate candies in it...I thought it was great! :) That's one sweet boy you've got there(they're all cuties, of course...and even though I don't know any of you "IRL", I can say that with absolute confidence). I'm so glad you posted the present wrapped in a grocery bag. Seriously. I am that mother, too. lol.

Happy (belated) Birthday to your Jacob!

shaunandhelen said...

You don't know me...first time commenter but I've followed links to your blog. I was looking at the pics and my 8 year old knew what the cake was and said "wow that kid had a wild birthday!" He was impressed so good job! Maybe cause he has one of those super organized mom's himself :)

balloongal said...

Serene, you are such a great mom.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Ha! Thanks Helen! I SOOO appreciate the comment! :)

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