June 6, 2013

Fruit from the Random Tree

Summer is finally here.

I hope.


But despite having to wear a jacket to one of two of the boy's t-ball games, it's been wonderfully warm.


Anyhow, on to the random from completely out of the blue. (Bytheway, why is it blue? Why not purple?)

Claira likes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It's one of the few things she'll eat.

But the other day, I discovered that she discovered that peanut butter and jelly can be eaten without bread too.

Oh... joy.

And off to the bathtub she went. After washing Claira up, I left to get her dressed. 

I then went back to grab Alayna who had wanted to join her.

Apparently we are now offering alphabet spa treatments.

 Peanut butter and jelly finger licking will also be available.

In the meantime, the weirdest thing has happened. This (small) Nutella jar was brand new two days ago and neither Hubby nor the kids have known of it's existence. 

And yet, it's practically gone!

I admit to nothing. *eh hem*

Whew! *nervous laugh* Good thing I taught Zumba this week! That's so not an admission to anything mind you.

Just sayin', that's all.

And now as I quickly change subjects for no reason at all, *suspiciously clearing throat* there's this crazy plant in my front flower bed. I planted it at the same time last year as all of the other small perennials in the front there (the red flowers are annuals) and yet for some reason this one has decided it owns the place.

I think it's getting a little full of itself honestly. I just don't know what to do with it! It's starting to make all the other plants feel bad about themselves.

And last of all, I need your advice.

I found this awesome little beat up piece of decorative furniture and thought it would look fabulous in my flower bed!

Hubby hates it but I told him tough tooties little fruities, it stays.

My problem lies in what color to paint it!

I could go with a shabby, distressed white. But I'm leaning more towards either a nice distressed teal or even a soft sage green color. But I think something in the tealish/bluish realm with add some nice color.


Pretty please?

11 super cool people speak:

Amy H. said...

Paint it ALL different colors!

Meagan said...

That doesn't happen to be a lavender plant by chance? If so, take drastic action now or it will take over everything. Our (rental) house has a lavender hedge which is so not attractive that has destroyed the two roses planted by it. I like lavender, but it is a crazy plant. If its not, just ignore my crazy rant and pretend I said nothing. Unless it's mint. Then take even more drastic action even though you are probably too late...

Lisa said...

Sky blue. Trust me on this. And CONGRATULATIONS on your baby! How fun! (except for the puking and such)

Heather Nicole said...

teal or mint!!!

Garvin Smith said...

Ask Luke what color he would suggest! (hee, hee)

Raelyn said...

Summer has officially arrived for us weather-wise around here!! Clear blue skies with fluffy white clouds, warm temperatures, yet breezy. Loving it!! Loving it!! ;)
Those pictures of Claira noshing on her peanut butter and jelly sandwich!! I love them!! Those pictures of Claira licking peanut butter and jam off of her hands!! Adorable!! Messy.... But adorable!! ;-D
Alayna!! You are such a clown!! I love it!! ;-D
We have a pregnant Mama. In the kitchen. With a "small" jar of Nutella. Serene, I hereby declare you.... Guilty!! Guilty!! Guilty!! {But we still love you!!} ;)
"I think it's getting a little full of itself honestly. I just don't know what to do with it! It's starting to make all the other plants feel bad about themselves.". Crack. Me. Up!! ;-D
Sorry. Long comment!! ;)

Michelle N. said...

The plant is a Walker's Low Catmint. It will keep getting bigger and loves to spread, but on the plus side it blooms for most of the summer and attracts hummingbirds.

Saimi said...

I have one of those plants and it's a wild thing! If you don't keep it trimmed and under control it's will go crazy on you! Bee's love it! Perhaps I should try an alphabet spa, looks relaxing!

Sue said...

I'd stay in the blues, I think.
Of course, blue is my favorite color...


Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Thanks ladies!! Love the advise! I'm thinking sky blue or mint now.

Michelle: Catmint huh? Man, the things just keeps getting bigger and bigger! Guess I'll need to keep an eye on it. Thanks!

Mari said...

Ooh yes, you should paint it white, then light blue and then sand some of the blue off so the white shows. Super cute! And I think the phrase "out of the blue" is referring to the clear blue sky. So that's why not purple :)

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