May 10, 2011

Holy gray hairs Batman, Jacob turned four!

I know I posted Jacob's birth story last year, but I decided it was worth re-posting again this year.

Simply because I like the part where I threaten my husband with death by scorpion. It brings back such, fond, memories.

Because I'm a good woman like that.


Jacob came into the world just like any other baby.

I called up hubby who was working an hour away, to announce my contractions were coming about every five to six minutes.

And like any good man, when I told him to get his bum home ASAP, his reply was heart-felt. "Good timing! I just finished what I really needed to get done!"

And after about 25 minutes I called him back sobbing through intense back labor, again, expecting him to tell me he was almost home (because an hour drive could EASILY be made in 25 minutes, right?), he again responded like any good man would. "Oh I'm just heading down now. I had to stop off at the other job site and talk to my boss."

And like any good woman in labor, I threatened all kinds of horrible deeds, from divorce to death by scorpion if he wasn't at the door in five minutes.

My poor brother Caleb sat five feet away from me, helplessly watching me endure contractions with all the grace that anyone being tortured beyond all reason would have, thanking his lucky stars he was male.

When Luke finally made his grand appearance, we raced to the hospital. And since I could barely walk to the doors without doubling over in extreme pain, nurses and bystanders came flooding over, offering wheelchairs and all manner of help.

And when someone foolishly asked if I wanted an epidural, I looked at them with a face of Medusa wondering why they would even ask such a ridiculous question. Of course I wanted one! Did they think I enjoyed being in this kind of pain?

Then, while the anesthesiologist was inserting it into my back, Luke passed out cold, whacking his head on the hard floor.

My first thought was my husband just died and I'm about to give birth. Well isn't that just... perfect.

Turns out he was just very dehydrated, so he lounged in a chair next to me while the nurses waited on him hand and foot with all sorts of delectable goodies, as I munched on ice chips glaring him down for eating the cookies in front of me.

But Jacob was worth the trouble. He was a delicious baby and a beyond cute little boy.

And now he's your typical little toddler. You want to kiss him one moment, and strangle him the next.

Oh my, such a cheeseball. However do they manage to grow up so fast?

Jacob has been asking for weeks now,  "Is it my birfday yet?" 

"How 'bout now?" ......... "Now?"    

"Mom, is tomorrow my birfday?

"Now is it my birfday?"

Well, you get the picture. 

When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he replied, "Cupcakes!"

"Well, okay, but present wise, is there anything in particular you would like?"

Scrunching up his face in thoughtful concentration, he finally said, "Ummm... cupcakes?"

Being the ever so smart and perceptive mother that I am, I was able to figure out that Jacob really wanted cupcakes for his birthday.

I know, I'm impressive.

I decided to spice it up a bit and make those fun ice cream cone cakes you see around.

After the first batch was done, I scoffed at the instructions which read, "cones MAY tilt on batter"

They may tip? May? Who is writing this recipe?

Still, they turned out grand enough. And boy oh boy, was Jacob ever excited about it.

Just... ignore the overflowing sink there in the background. Eh hem... awkward. 

In case you can't tell in the video for whatever reason, "Happy Birthday" is Alayna's favorite song.

She sings it All. Day. Long. Every. Single. Day.

And I'm not exaggerating, not even a little. 'Cause I never exaggerate. Ever. Never ever.


Then out came the presents.

Now, I know what you're going to say. But for the life of me, I just never, ever, ever think to buy wrapping paper except at Christmas time!

I just... I can't... *sigh* I have issues.

Though the kids hardly care what their presents are wrapped in, Savannah did scrunch up her face in total puzzlement and ask, "Mom, is it Christmas time?"

Apparently, I didn't do a very good job at picking out his gifts this year. I found this little Transformer truck on sale, that actually does, well, transform! I thought he would love it, even if the box said "for ages 5+"

But what it SHOULD have said was "for ages 30+" since it took Hubby about an hour or so to get it to "transform".

I was rather upset that it was so complicated! I thought it would be pretty straightforward. Arching his eyebrow at me, Hubby stated, "You've clearly never played with Transformers before."

Well of course not! I was a He-Man girl thank-you-very-much!

Still, at least one present was a huge hit.

Oh dear, no pun intended! It was the least I could do since I didn't sign the boys up for T-ball this year. You know, new baby coming and all that. Jacob was pretty bummed about it.

Now I'm questioning the wisdom of my gift.

Boys will be boys after all. If you uh... catch my meaning.

16 super cool people speak:

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Jacob! Oh my heck, what a perfect little baby!! I love his fuzzy hair, so cute!
I like the cupcakes too. Makes me want one.

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday, little man! Those cupcakes are fabulous, girl!

ldsjaneite said...

A boy after my own heart--yay for cupcakes!! Happy Birthday to the little guy.

the fowlers said...

a man after my own heart. food is all i can think of for presents, too.

Sue said...

What a great b-day celebration for Jacob! And I'm glad you went the extra mile with the cupcakes. He deserved it.


PS. Your kids are good (and loud) singers. I'll bet the primary chorister loves them!

Joe and Heather said...

Adorable! Love the birthday request too ;-) Those are some great cupcakes!

M-Cat said...

Well Happy Birthday Jacob! And I love the cupcakes in the cone idea!

Kate and Cole said...

Cole's the same way with transformers. He loses patience with it in two seconds. Bring it over to Ryker, he'll transform it for you. He's a master! Happy birthday Jacob!

Valerie said...

Happy birthday to the little cutie! I had no idea Transformers were so difficult.

I see I wasn't the only one who had to wait to go to the hospital in labor. With my first baby my ex-husband didn't want to wake up and told me to wait a while. I had to get him up several times before he would take me. Glad your hubby made it in time. :)

Cindi said...

What a cute baby! And now he's a handsome boy. The ice cream cone cupcakes look awesome.

Lisa said...

I remember the days of those bat sets. LOVE them. Now it's Ipods for $200 that fit in the palm of your hand. Hardly fair. What a fun mom, especially those cupcakes! Darling!

Mama Smith said...

I LOVED the VIDEO! I had to laugh...hearing Alayna singing above everyone else...EVERY PRIMARY PROGRAM...there is at least ONE who SINGS ABOVE EVERYONE ELSE and usually with such ENTHUSIASM...that it makes me CHUCKLE and SMILE while they sing...Just like Alayna did...LOVE IT! CUTE CUTE PICTURES!
P.S. I am so glad all my girls are SO CREATIVE when it comes to "cooking" and making such CUTE STUFF!

Cheeseboy said...

Ha ha! That "little" needle made him pass out?! Wuss. So funny.

Dang, that kid had a ton of hair.

Vanessa said...

With every birthday we realize time is going by and we are getting older, but totally worth it. He is adorable. Happy bray Jacob.
ps i was afraid of the side effects, but it turns out that by the time I went to the hospital they were gone, thank goodness.

Lara said...

Aww! Happy Birthday! The cupcakes turned out great! And I hate my kids turning another year older, but it is so fun to see how much they enjoy the day.

Cluttered Brain said...

lol. You wrap b day presents in christmas wrapping paper....
Love it!

Sweet pictures and video too!

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