June 28, 2013

Claira Turns Two! Over a Month Ago....

Well, it would appear I am yet again far behind in my efforts to catch up.

This is becoming a sadly normal thing for me.

It's just how we roll these days so I may just have to embrace and bask in it.

Anyhow, my feisty, sassy baby turned two years old over a month ago! I must confess it felt a bit strange to have a two year old and not already have another baby. Haha!

Ah, being the birthday kid around here sure tastes good.

I think I'm going to miss these younger years when my child are so easily and happily entertained.

Nothing like a few balloons to get a party going around here!

That's happiness for you right there.

Oh ya... and so is this! Yummm...... I may have, eh hem, sampled quite a bit of the frosting. You know, just to make sure it was good and all. 

Just doing my motherly duty and all that. 

This is one of my favorite birthday videos ever! What a bunch of monkeys. Love, love it!

Oh ya... I make the best cupcakes. Nothing like cake mix from a box and store bought frosting to make the world to round.

Our cousins came to join in the festivities.

And they were also sweet enough to come bearing gifts. Claira loved them!

Now, perhaps this next gift is a bit odd, but you have to understand, Claira was in the midst of a Buzz Lightyear obsession.

No... seriously. You have no idea. I'm pretty sure I could quote all three Toy Story movies to you word for word. She was down-right addicted and every day would come up to me and beg for, "Buzz? Buzz?"

So what better than a Buzz Lightyear bracelet! Oh, and it lights up too. Seriously the best of both world's for her.

So satisfied with such a small thing. She also loved her new ball.

*sigh* Too bad such an easy gift doesn't work on the other kids any more.

Or the spouse for that matter. LOL!

Happy Birthday miss Sassy-frassy! I look forward to the day you start talking so you don't have to scream at everyone all the time!

Your adoring mother who wears earplugs all the time, just for you.

6 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said...

You know what I LOVED the best on the video...was Claira SHEAR DELIGHT...! She was BEAMING...while everyone was singing to her and giving her the ATTENTION...that was all hers...I LOVED IT!

Sue said...

What, no "cha cha cha"?


PS. I am immature that my favorite moment of the video was your husband saying, "You don't need to touch her number 2?"


Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Sue: Oh my goodness, I totally laughed out loud! I'm surprised you caught that! Hahaha!

Stef said...

Well, Happy Birthday to her! And it is so much better when they know what they like. Because when they become teenagers, they don't know but know what they don't want which happens to be everything that I buy them. Sigh. She looks happy so you win

Raelyn said...

Well, I am finally finding the time to comment on Blogs again, now that My Life Story is finished!! ;-D
Happy birthday, Claira!! Two years old is a wonderful age!! I always loved it!! Even the "terrible two's" stage!! ;)
Oh, I love cupcakes!! They are "bite-sized", thus you can have more than one!! Hee, hee, hee.... ;-D
What?! Claira likes Buzz?! What about Woody? He is my own personal favorite!! But then again. I like Tom Hanks!! To each one her own, I guess!! ;)
I love the pictures of "miss Sassy-frassy" {Hey, you said it first!!} playing with her ball!! ;-D

balloongal said...

I always love letting kids go at the balloons. Keeps them so entertained.

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