July 1, 2013

Savannah and the Tooth Fairy

Savannah has lost three teeth in the last two weeks.

This last tooth was one of her side molars, so she was pretty excited about it.

But that night, she couldn't find it or remember where she had placed it and broke down into hysterical tears as she hunted high and low for her precious tooth.

I finally found it while cleaning the kitchen.

The transformation in her attitude was amazing. Too bad I couldn't get a life debt out of the save. *sigh*

Anyhow, that night, in my efforts to be a good tooth fairy, (finally) I handed Hubby a dollar and told him to go make the switch.

He came back laughing and holding this note.

Doh...... busted.

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Mama Smith said...

And to think...she is ALL YOURS! LOVE IT! smile

Stef said...

So did you take the tooth or leave it? I'm dying to know.

Meagan said...

So funny! Love that girl.

balloongal said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha. Sigh.

Valerie said...

Cute! My youngest used to write 2 - 3 page letters to the Tooth Fairy so not only did she have to remember to go in, carefully grab the tooth and replace it with money, she had to read it, write a response and hide that under the pillow too. Not that she's older, things are easier. :)

Raelyn said...

Oh no!! Savannah lost lost her tooth!! Now that is ironic, huh? {I love irony!!} I am glad that you found Savannah's tooth, though!! ;)
That note!! Crack. Me. Up!! ;-D

Sue said...

That just cracked me up!
And I need it.


Ramona Zabriskie said...

This reminds me of the Christmas Hannah asked Santa to "sign" for his cookies. Or the tooth when she found a $20 under her pillow with a note: "Please leave $19 in change. Signed, The Tooth Fairy".

PhD by Publication by Tamera Porter said...

I love that your kid busted you as the Tooth Fairy. That is priceless. I am so glad that she found her tooth. I can only imagine the meltdown that was had.

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