April 22, 2013

Trampoline Art

I sort of have this love/hate relationship with chalk.

I love it because it can keep the kids busy for hours! It's doesn't stain and it doesn't stink, and it's relatively easy to clean up.

It helps them use their imaginations and I love seeing all their creativity.

I can only assume it was my children who started this particular creative project in which the neighbor kids happily joined.

But it can also be annoying when the kids throw the little pieces all over the yard.

Or bring them inside to color with as though they were crayons and chalk dust covers everything.

Or when you catch the baby eating them.

Or when the kids go all crazy and color everything, then crawl through their chalk designs and coat their clothes, then come in the house dancing and prancing as though they had just won the "World's Cleanest Kids" award, and pretty soon you're wiping down couches and cabinet doors.

Hubby on the other hand has a straight up hate relationship with it and tends to scowl a bit whenever someone busts out the chalk.

He can't seem to let go of the past.

Not since last year when Alaya decided to color the brick on the front the house solid chalk colors.

Which was surprisingly hard to get off.

I'm helping him work though his chalk issues, trying to get him to move on.

Maybe seeing the trampoline with help!

Or... not.

4 super cool people speak:

Saimi said...

Color and jump, I don't know Serene I think your kids are on to something!

Sara Lyn said...

I'm totally with Luke. :)

Raelyn said...

I am currently taking a break from people's Blogs as Little Miss Secretive Writing Project is being edited by me!! Yuck. I do not like editing!! ;)
But I miss your children!! Every single one!! Especially Alayna, my Kindred Spirit "Cranio Friend!! ;-D

Garden of Egan said...

I have chalk I bought for when the grandkids come over.
I "forget" that I have it.

"fraid I'm with your hubby. I loathe the mess. I give them a plastic bucket and water and a paintbrush and go tell them to "paint" the sidewalk.
So much less mess.

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