April 8, 2013

Our Salt Lake City Spring Break Trip - Part 2

I meant to finish blogging about our trip last week, but... ya.

I left my Captain Obvious cape on the closet so I won't finish that thought.

Hubby and I were at odds for most of the week and it finally all came to head Saturday afternoon. All I can say is, after almost 10 years of marriage we've finally gotten to the point where we can work things out right then and there instead of dragging out the solution for a couple days.

By Saturday night we were happy with each other again, just in time for him to leave for a business trip to Guatemala the next day.

At least now we can text each other sincere love notes like:

Hubby: Are you trying to avoid saying that I'm right? Because I always am.

Me: I don't want to pop your homemade happy bubble, so I'm just going to smile and nod.  :)

They could write a romance novel about us.

Then make a movie.

Then everyone could wear shirts that say, "Team Serene".

Anyhow, moving on to the rest of our family trip!

Saturday morning everyone was sadly up by 7:30am. Our hotel room was actually on the first floor right across the hall from the breakfast room. So we more or less stepped out in all our freshly rolled out of bed head glory and went to get some breakfast.

Several spilled cartons of chocolate milk and ten pounds of bacon later, the kids were happy and full. After getting ready for the day, we piled into the car and drove down to Temple Square.

Our first stop was the Church History Museum.

It started out well enough. I mean, they have a few "child friendly displays". Like ship bunks,

and handcarts.

"Take a picture mom!"

 "Me too!"

"Wait for us!"

I know Savannah was simply trying to look like she is working hard to pull the handcart, unfortunately... well, let's just say it's not her best moment.

However, soon we were constantly pulling Claira out of displays, and re-straightening the large framed images on the walls she tried to pull down; telling the boys "not to touch", and at one point, Alayna wanted to walk through the "pretty doors" and climbed up into a display and turned the knob to what was probably original temple doors.

I don't remember exactly because I was too mortified when I noticed her just in time for museum staff member to poke his head through the other side of the door and tell her she needed to get down.

So... not awesome.

We made a quick escape to the upstairs where they have an entire children's play area. It was "The Latino Culture and the Book of Mormon."

Nephi's boat was immensely popular.

As was the building of a wall.

Claira's favorite part was the kitchen area. Complete with a garden where she couple pull out vegetables.

And I know you probably can't see, but if you look really close at the picture on the right, she's holding a chicken. There was even a chicken coop with several chickens in it that clucked and carried on. 

She especially loved the chickens.

Alayna made some new friends, 

while Savannah learned some new dance moves.

 She even convinced Daddy to dance with her.

What a daddy won't do for his daughter. I never could get the man to dance with me.

Sorry the video is so shaky, I was having a really hard time not laughing.

Finally after two hours, we managed to drag the kids away. They probably would have stayed there all day if we had let them. Especially Claira.

After a quick snack, we visited the Tabernacle.

I never cease to be amazed at the pioneer's incredible craftsmanship and devotion.

I love visiting the Tabernacle!

Just outside of it was a fountain, one of many on Temple Square.

As soon as the kids saw it they charged over. Next thing I know they are all begging me for a coin to toss into the fountain.

Amazingly I had enough pennies for each of them to have one.

Check out Joseph there on the right. He's wishing pretty intensely.

I would love to know what his wish was.

We made a quick stop into the Assembly Hall.

Jacob particularly thought the spiral staircase was cool and wanted me to take a picture of it.

By now the kids were starting to wear down and we knew we needed to start wrapping this party up.

We decided we walk around the Salt Lake City Temple before heading back.

"It's too bright! We can't see!"

Joseph: "Now mom and dad, go sit down and I will take your picture."

In which daddy goes on a picture taking spree.

As we headed back to the car, we really wanted to take a quick walk through of the Conference Center so the kids could see where General Conference takes place.

Unfortunately, it was closed because there was going to be a YW broadcast there in a couple hours.

But the kids didn't care one they saw the water!

Once the realized I was fresh out of pennies and they couldn't make anymore wishes, they were practically dying to go swimming in it. They even asked if they could drink it because it looked so crystal clear and clean.

We shut that idea down as fast as we could.

And thus ended our adventure to Temple Square.

There was tons of other buildings to visit, but the kids had had just about all the walking they could handle.

So we grabbed some food and headed back to the hotel, where the kids promptly announced they wanted to go swimming!


So we all changed and headed down to the swim park. Claira didn't last long though, she was super tired. So she and I went back to the hotel room, got cleaned up, and watched "Wizard of Oz", and then "The Ten Commandments" that was on TV.

Around 7:30pm, after several hours of swimming, daddy and the rest of the tired crew tromped back into the room.

Once everyone was ready for bed, they all plopped in from of the TV, just captivated by "The Ten Commandments". I was surprised, but all of them, even Alayna was fascinated.

Slowly, one by one, they all fell asleep to the show except Savannah.

By 10pm, we told her it was time for bed. She was disappointed she didn't get to finish the movie, but was tired enough not to put up a fight.

Sunday (Easter) morning, we all groggily got up to get some breakfast. After ensuring that the breakfast room was covered in scattered fruit loops, we got ready for church and headed over to my brother's apartment where they let us hang out until their ward started.

Since it was already after 2pm by the time Sacrament meeting was over, we went ahead and started for home.

A few hours later, we pulled into the garage and spilled from the car.

Home Sweet Home.

The End

Six hundred loads of laundry later........

4 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said...

This was an AWESOME recount of a GREAT experience for all of you...BUILDING these FAMILY MEMORIES are PRICELESS!

Sue said...

Love the pictures of your cute family. And the video of hubs dancing with the daughter was pretty neat, too.


Raelyn said...

Okay, I have a confession to make. I never even read Part One of your trip!! --Sigh--. ;-/
I love that first picture of Alayna!! Her smile is priceless.... ;)
Hey!! Jacob is wearing an Iron Man T-shirt!! Make. My. Day!! ;-D
Curious Alayna. I probably would have done something similar!! Or worse. I was quite the little troublemaker as a girl!! Hee, hee, hee.... ;)
I love your pictures!! Every single one!! ;-D

Seth said...

Fun family!

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