April 19, 2013

Pizza Pile

I made homemade pizza for dinner last night.

For whatever reason this became the main idea for my children's after-dinner trampoline game. They put a new twist on the traditional dog-pile.

Savannah was the "crust", Joseph was the "sauce", Jacob was the "cheese", and Alayna and Claira were the "toppings".

Until Claira decided it was easier to just jump around the pizza pile rather than be a topping. So Savannah dubbed her the "drink that comes with the pizza".

I gotta say, my kids are so dang awesome.

Especially when they aren't fighting.

Or whining.

Or coloring on the walls.


But seriously, my kids are so dang awesome.

2 super cool people speak:

Sue said...

You're right. They are awesome.


Garvin Smith said...

Have the children "dogpile", then have Luke jump on the trampoline. See how many teeth they lose!

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