April 2, 2013

Our Salt Lake City Spring Break Trip - Part 1

Determined that we would do something fun together as a family for at least a tiny bit of spring break, Hubby worked 15 to 16 hour days all week long, just so he could take Friday off.

Poor guy. I have to admire his determination. 

For me, Thursday was spent cleaning... sort of, and packing... kind of.

Hey, I do the best I can. But a grouchy almost two-year old is a grouchy almost two-year old.

If you have one, you know what I mean.

Anyway, Friday morning the kids were bubbling with excitement and as we got everyone dressed, I gave strict instructions that breakfast be toast and juice only! No milk allowed!

If you've read my blog for a long while, you'll know that car sickness runs rampant in this family. And we ALWAYS travel with a "puke bucket"... and extra bags.

Luckily this time around it was not needed, thanks to the toast and juice.

And no joke, about five minutes into the trip, we got the first, "Are we there yet?" If I had a dollar for every time one of the kids asked that question on the trip, I'd be able to buy a new car.

With cash.

Seriously, that question is forever burned into my brain and I wake up in cold sweats because of it.

Okay not really. But needless to say, the kids shouted off that question A LOT.

Once we reached Salt Lake, we drove straight over to Hogle Zoo. 

It was pretty busy, but the kids were darn near bursting with excitement  As we trolled the parking lot looking for a decent parking space, low and behold, we stopped to ask a lady if she was getting ready to leave.

She was kinda looking at me funny as said, "Serene?"

It took her saying that we had met at the blogger's conference a couple years ago for it to register.

Seriously small world. I am down-right impressed she even recognized me.

Anyway, once we got into the zoo, we had a huddle to decide which way we were going.

Obviously the elephants came first.

Claira was super impressed and let the whole world know it.

Hangin' with the rhinos. They're back behind my head.

The kids really liked the seals and the sea lion! 

Especially Claira.

Where to next?

Crazy girls.

My boys.

The giraffes were quite a sight.

Claira was yet again, quite impressed.

I think she scared half the zoo with all her excited yelling. She not talking yet, even though she's almost two, so she just yells and screams for communication.

Drives me to near insanity.

The porcupines look so soft! Jacob really wanted to pet one.

Trouble makers.

Nice... very nice.

Claira was fasinated by this restless cat that just kept stalking back and forth.

I finally had to drag her away.

She also loved the monkeys... so much. And made it known by yelling in complete excitement.

We got a lot of looks and raised eyebrows.

Ah well, what can ya do.

Once we made it through the whole zoo and saw everything we could see, we headed herded our tired crew out to the car.

Although I have no pictures for any of this, we met up with my brother and sister-in-law and their adorable twins for dinner.

Once we stuffed ourselves, we drove over to the hotel.

Hubby and I were ready for bed right then and there, but the kids knew we were staying at this particular hotel simply because it was an indoor water park!

Because of this knowledge they all got a second wind at 7pm. 

They wanted to go swimming! They would surely die of anticipation if they didn't.

So, we went swimming.

A couple hours later, and after promising and crossing our hearts that they could swim again tomorrow, we finally convinced them it was time for bed.

The boys took the hide-away couch bed, we had brought a pack-n-play for Claira, Alayna wanted to sleep on the table but we convinced her to make a special bed from the couch cushins instead, and Savannah shared the king-sized bed with Hubby and I.

That girl single-handedly took up the whole bed, and morning came far too soon, all bright and cheery.


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