June 20, 2011

Happy Eight Years!

Actual conversation.

Me: So hun, you know Monday is our eight year anniversary?

Hubby: *blank stare* It is?

Me: Yup. So...... what do you think we should do?

Hubby: *blank stare* Uh.......

What can I say? We're just a romantic couple like that.

Eight years, five children, and thousands of chocolate bars later,

 I'm amazed I don't weigh 700 pounds.

Heaven help me, what were we thinking!!

Don't answer that.

It's been real, it's been hard, it's even been real hard. But it has also been good, it's been amazing, it's even been real amazing. We're still here and going strong,

Thanks in part to all those chocolate bars.

Hubby may not realize it but, they make me sweeter.

15 super cool people speak:

Kristina P. said...

You have one year and 5 kids on us. We have the same amount of chocolate.

Megan Jones said...

Congrats Sarah!! You're 6 years and 5 kids ahead of me. Not so sure about the chocolate though!

Sue said...

Happy anniversary! And many, many more!!


Melissa said...

Happy Anniversary, you two! You're six days behind us, but two kids ahead of us! Kind of cool to 'know' someone who was married so close to us! We're going out Friday night...kid-less...I wish the same for you guys! (well, maybe plus one infant, since she'd be kind of hard to leave!)

Saimi said...

Yeah, we may have more years on ya but you take the cake in the kid department!

Just so you know, it's chocolate cake!!

Happy Anniversary!

marcie said...

Luke looks so young and boyish in that photo! Crazy! We are going to try to make it to the reunion but as of now we are moving this weekend and everyone is sick so we will see. Hopefully it will work out! Happy anniversary!

The Tolmans said...

Happy Anniversary! Do you need someone to watch the kids so you can go out? They are more than welcome over here! 8 years! How exciting. Ben and I will hit 7 in January and I am shocked at how quickly it goes! Congrats guys, go out, have a fun night, bring the kids over!

gigi said...

Mercy! Good job and congrats and happy anniversary!

TisforTonya said...

okay... so the biggest difference is that I've got ten years on you and I don't eat chocolate...

oh, and the fact that none of my kids are still young enough that writing on their faces is still cute :)

(we're not pointing out any height/weight/beauty differences, my ego can't handle that right now)

Happy Anniversary :)

Amy said...

Happy Anniversary, lovely!

Dang you, you're making me want chocolate bars now and I'm trying to not eat them.

The Bagley Family said...

Mahaha....I looked at the picture and thought, "Hey look Luke is SMILING ON PURPOSE for the camera!!"...I have more years in the marriage department then you..but two less kids...but one of mine is autistic so does that count for 1.5 kids??
Happy Anniversary! No one said it was easy but they did say it would be worth it!

Neisha said...

Happy Anniversary!

Will and Marcie Davis said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Thats AWESOME! Okay since everyone is posting their stats I figured I'd let you know....your not the only one. We've been married 6 years with FIVE kids! I got your crazines beat by my insanity! ;) lol! Again, Congrats girl! Thats exciting!

M-Cat said...

Well congrats and happy anniversary! Time flies eh? I get 27 this year. TWENTYSEVENYEARS!

Larsen said...

Just catching up! Glad you got to go to montana, and you were all healthy for it.

Brooklyn's running that weird 5th disease rash now....least I think that is waht it is called.

I love that your dad was playing with his BULL! Love it.

And congrats on 8 years!

Miss you and love you, I do!

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