June 13, 2011

Daddy has a birthday

You'd think it was the kids that were having a birthday the way they were all carrying on. The boys even went so far as to pick out what kind of cake "daddy wants". They found a picture of a treasure chest cake in one of my cook books and the chest had candy flowing out of it.

So logically, because of all the candy in the picture, that must be the cake "daddy wants".

They were only slightly disappointed when I made an Oreo Carmel Ice cream Cake.

Since we didn't get a chance to celebrate his birthday on his actual birth date, for two days all I heard every five minutes was, when are we having daddy's birthday? When do we get cake? When are "we" going to open presents!? Birthday? Cake? Presents? Birthday? Cake? Presents? 

I felt like I was stuck in a shampoo horror film.

Rinse, lather, repeat. Rinse, lather, repeat!


Savannah was freaking out because she didn't have a present for daddy. You should have seen it. Oh what should I get, what could I buy! The drama, the horror!

No, seriously, I thought she was going to faint from hyperventilation.

But daddy assured her that he just wanted her to make him something.

Half a ream of paper later, I think she was finally satisfied with herself.

Not long before we dug out the cake, we had some friends drop by unexpectedly, which was perfect! Now we had something that almost resembled a birthday party.

And with their kids singing in chorus with ours, we could have given the Von Trapp family a run for their money.

And yes, it really did take him two breaths to blow out his candles. He took that as a sign of his "old age".


The kids had hardly finished licking their bowls clean before they brought out their presents.

Savannah and Joseph did everything themselves, even the wrapping job.

I have to point that out so as not to confuse anyone. It is a rather magnificent wrapping job and I don't want to take all the credit.

Even if I did teach them everything they know.

The "magic wands" were Jacob's gift to daddy. He just couldn't keep them wrapped. Daddy must have opened the box they were in ten times.

Oh, were they proud of themselves.

And drum roll please!

The first present out of the box is....

a chinese man!

I think....

I'm actually not sure if this is suppose to be me and daddy, or daddy and Savannah.

And of course we can't forget the birthday card!

"Dear dad, i love

you. I wonderd
what i shoud get 
For you. I tryed
and tryed but I
cuodn't think of any
thing to give you."

I Love you!

There were of course, many other "gifts" on the box, but those were my favorite.

Next came Joseph's box.

First daddy pulled out several paper circles, which Joseph proudly explained were bombs, then daddy pulled out his new special sword!

Well, one of them anyway.

Turns out, there were several swords in the box.

So watch out people, things can get a little dicey around here! Bah ha! Ha....... ha....... okay ya, that was the worst joke I've ever heard.

There's no point in telling what I got him for his birthday, 'cause quite frankly, it wasn't nearly as cool as these presents.

*sigh* It's a sad day indeed when your children give better gifts than you do.

I take some comfort in knowing that at least my birthday cake was big hit!

I guess now would be a bad time to remind hubby that I had found a few grey hairs last time I cut his hair. Especially since he suddenly thinks he's old or something. 

9 super cool people speak:

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

That is some serious thought that went into those presents!!!

Neisha said...

love the kids' gifts :)

Valerie said...

I can't believe anyone would be disappointed (even slightly) with a cake like that! Happy birthday to him!

(I'm glad I can post comments to blogs with comment verification again. Crazy computer.)

Kazzy said...

Aw. Cute gifts from the kiddies. :)

Cherie said...

Precious is the word that comes to mind - nothing better in the world!

Sue said...

It's great that they are so excited about the gifts they made. And they are super creative, too!


Mama Smith said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Luke! I didn't forget...HONEST! LOVE THOSE PRESENTS! It is the GIVING that is the absolute PRIZE!

Brittney said...

Serene... oh my heck. I LOVE oreos, and I LOVE caramel. If that cake was any good at all, can you PLEASE give me the recipe? PLEASE

Halloween Scavenger Hunt said...

What a super cute party! Everything turned out just great.what a wonderful party! I love all of the great and creative ideas.love this party...

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