June 9, 2011

I never said they were shy!

I had several errands to run yesterday, so I managed to make my kids presentable complete with combed hair and clothes that...eeehh.... mostly matched, and off we went.

At our second stop of the day, I was searching for a birthday present.

My hubby turns 31 this weekend and he's kind of freaking out about it. Apparently turning 30 didn't bother him, but 31? Now that's a whole other story!

Anyhow, I was at Kohl's which is a clothing store where they have these shopping carts that somewhat resemble a stroller with a shopping bag in the back. I had been looking for one with double seats but they appeared to be gone, so I just put Alayna and Claira in the single seater.

And then I started to wonder if bringing all five kids had been a good idea.

A few moments later, one of the cashiers brought me a double seater saying that just after I had walked away from the front of the store, one was brought back.

After offering my many thanks she said, "Oh, I have two kids so believe me, I totally understand."

Oh... uh... *blank stare... blink blink*

And I smiled at her well intentioned comment.

Anyhow, I bit later my kids were getting bored as they tend to do when they aren't allowed to go running and screaming through the store in their underwear. So they started saying hi to everyone they saw.


Soon the was an older lady with an arm in a sling who walked through their midst and was instantly bombarded with some rather loud hello's. Being good natured, she paused and gave them all smiles and said hi in return.

Then Savannah spoke up. "What's that on your arm?"

And the boys echoed her question, several times.

Once they all finally stopped asking, she was able to answer that it was a sling for her hurt shoulder.

A chorus of "ooohhhhssss" followed and before I could blink an eye, Savannah had walked right up to her and gave her a big ole' fat hug.

Since you never really know how people are going to react I do believe I was actually holding my breath.

But the lady just laughed, even got a little teary-eyed and said, "Now that's just what I've been needing all day!"

Whew! That wasn't nearly as awkward as Savannah pausing in front of a man covered in tattoos and piercings and asking me right in front of him why he has a ring in his nose.


Of course, it might be my fault. Sometimes I encourage it. Like a little while back at the grocery store, there was an elderly gentleman with a cowboy hat on and Savannah asked me if he was a cowboy. I told her I didn't know and that she should ask him.

And she did.

And he said he was.

I can't say being shy is something my kids are good at.

It's a mixed blessing.

11 super cool people speak:

Sue said...

I love when children talk to me in a store. It's so entertaining and keeps me company when I'm standing in line!


Melissa said...

That's great! Kids sure keep you humble, don't they?!

Brittney said...

awww I love the grandma hug. I bet she did need a hug :)

You should've told Savannah you didn't know why the guy had a nose ring and told her to ask him too :)

Neisha said...

lol!! love it :)

The Bagley Family said...

I need your parenting skills to rub off on Charlie!! Tuesday was spent on a soccer field, surrounded by HUNDREDS of kids (and biting misquitoes!), wondering why I had paid money for my kid to be there...because he was SOBBING/WAILING/CRYING/HOWLING/HANGING ON TO MY PANTS...
Why? Because he was SOOOOO shy!!!

Kathleen is like your kids...tonight at the soccer game she got up on the stair case and sange and tap danced for everyone...and those that didn't listen she yelled at...

Will and Marcie Davis said...

Oh I just love this!!! Thats EXACTLY how some of my kids are. Not all of them...but most of them. Except my kids will tell someone they are "BAD" for smoking or drinking coffee! Talk about awkward moment! Out of the mouth of babes...right???
P.S. LOVE the gradma hug! I bet she made her day!

Stef said...

Okay, I laughed out loud when the cashier told you she could totally understand you....SO not true! Ha. I love it. Had an experience like that today with my sister-in-law.

Kids just make the world a better place bc they say it like it is and don't hold back...good bad ...and the ugly (speaking of the guy with the earing...)

the fowlers said...

this is exactly why i can't understand how moms can be painfully shy - don't their kids break the shell? i mean, i only have a 16 month old but i am forced to talk to at least four times as many people because of her.

i love that she hugged her. :)

oh, and your kohl's has CARTS? ours just has like, little rolly mesh bags on a frame. no seat.

Amy said...

What a sweet girl! I love that. If a little girl that was part of a great big family of kiddos came up to me and gave me a hug, I'd be a little bewildered, but completely charmed.

Ben, Heather and kids said...

what a cutie patootie!!

there are many times I wish my kids were shy-er. i guess it's all in trying to keep me humble.

Utah Mom said...

So cute. I have some shy kids and some not-so-shy kids. And next time let them ask, I want to know why that guy has a ring in his nose too.

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