June 7, 2011

Who's writing this nonsense?



*yawn yawn yawn*

*yaaa - awwn*



Oui, I think my jaw is going to break off. It always starts poppin' on me when I get to yawning too much.

Or when I chew gum. Not that you needed to know that, nor is it relevant to this post.

But now you know.

*awkward silence*

Okay then... anyway, I think Claira has hit a growth spurt and she's keeping me up a lot more at night. The pitter-patter of little feet and the rustling of diaper covered bums often come way too soon for me in the mornings.

But what can you do. I'm a diaper changing goddess, even in my sleep.

Some people walk in their sleep, others talk in their sleep. And still others change diapers in their sleep.

I think I deserve a badge, or at least a t-shirt for that kind of talent, don't you think?

The kids are learning to be quite independent. They've even gone so far as to simply help themselves to breakfast without even asking me.

Although catching them eating cold hot dogs this morning turned my stomach. Gross.

Thankfully I haven't had anymore emotional breakdowns since, you know *leaning close to the monitor to whisper*  that one particular day, if you know what I mean, *clearing throat* but I have to confess to having a bit of a short fuse lately.

So I ate some chocolate, and read a few chick-flicky books. A good, clean, romantic story always puts me in a better mood.

What? I'm only female.

But then Hubby comes home and I tell him he needs to make-out with me.

Then he looks at me like I've lost my mind.

Which is strange, you'd think by now he'd know I had lost it a long time ago.

Still, all in all we've been surviving rather well on hot dogs, cereal, and macaroni and cheese, which my kids had three nights in a row last week. But that's okay, right? Right? RIGHT??

(btw Cassie, thanks again for dinner last night. It was a yummy!)

I've even gone out a couple times by myself with all five kids and honestly, it really didn't seem any harder than going out with four.

Of course, Claira isn't quite three weeks old yet, so there's still plenty of time for me to change my opinion.

I think the most frustrating part for me is I feel like... okay, I've had the baby, everything should be back to normal already!

I hate that my insides still hurt when I stand too long or work too hard, that I still feel exhausted and have a hard time getting out of bed before 8am. I hate that I still have 20 pounds to lose and that none of my clothes fit. (vanity people, pure and simply, and I'm not ashamed to admit it) I hate that I'm still hormonal and everybody knows it.

I don't have time to be tired for crying in the bucket!  I've got things to do, places to go, kids to raise!

Where's the complaint box, I need to leave a note.


*yawn yawn*

Still all is going well, even if my mind is a big puddle of mushy brain cells. Can't even blog properly.

Wait, what are we talking about? What's the point of this post? 'Cause I honestly have no clue.

Who's writing this stuff anyway?

Oh ya, me. Hmmm... sorry 'bout that.

At any rate, this gorgeous little girl is totally worth it.

Even my squishy stomach muscles thinks so.

18 super cool people speak:

Courtney said...

I know I haven't had five so I'm not sure if it will work for you, but after having Rosalie I got a "girdle." It's one of those suck in your stomach biker shorts type things from walmart for $10. It really helped with with sore insides and weak tummy muscles by squishing it all back into place. And a bonus about it was that my doctor told me I had the flattest stomach he had ever seen at a 6 week check up, and he was old too. So just thought I would share that great idea, my mom and her friends did it and it really does help a lot. It does not however help with the sleep, I hope you are able to get some. Miss seeing your little ones, I just can't believe how much they have all grown since the good old days at Wymount.

Brittney said...

sorry about the lack of sleep! Mac and cheese is okay to eat all the time haha.. If I'm buying mac and cheese I get the wheat kind to trick myself into thinking it's HEALTHY :) at least it's a bit healthier :)

Sue said...

She's a doll, and it used to take me about three months to get back to decent life and six to get back to anything resembling normal.

I think you're doing great!


PS. And my husband would be thrilled if I told him he had to make out with me. Shocked, but thrilled. ;)

Cherie said...

She is beautiful!!

I am happy to hear that life is moving along. (Here is where I sound like your mother) - I hope you don't try to do too much - take is slow and easy and just enjoy!

I remember wanting to be up and doing everything pronto too and looking back I don't know what I was in such a darn hurry about - Ha ha.

I have 5 kids too and I decided that after 3 it didn't matter how many more you added it was cake after that (wink!!).

You have a beautiful family!

Cluttered Brain said...

she is beautiful.
Love her.
Enjoy. Get some rest soon too.
And get some for me too. I'm EXHAUSTED.

The Bagley Family said...

I have woken up to liles of dirty diapers beside my bed and had to sit and winder who changed them...and then realized that hubby worked all night so it was ME:)

Nothing in my closet fits anymore after Kathleen's birth!! (I just wish people would stop reminding me she is 3 years old this October...)

Love pictures of baby Claira! I love her name! We almost named Kathleen, Clare, poor kid had no name for three days...then someone told me that Kathleen was an ugly name and Clare was perfect...I was hormonal and slightly insane from lack of sleep and decided to be contrary and named her Kathleen at the moment.

Praying she decides that sleep is awesome, SOON! (could someone pray that Kathleen learns to sleep soon?)

Neisha said...

she sure is a pumpkin :)

marcie said...

You only have twenty pounds to lose after having a baby? Excuse me while I go mail you some chocoloate... ;) I can't look at those baby pictures its making me baby hungry. My baby is offically a toddler tommorow already! Eat her up every day! Or middle of the night....

Vanessa said...

Amen Sista... I would write you a long post telling you how your NOT alone, But I really have to get to bed. I'll be up in 1 hour. But I will tell you this. 6 weeks after baby is out is NOT a good time to go bathing Suit Shopping. Mistake I made today.

Kirk and Cami Hull said...

I was yawning all through your post because of all the yawns in it! Beautiful girl! You're a super mom!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Oh I love the sagas of families with a new baby! Hahaha! Moms barely making it while the little baby deviously stays up due to the coercion of older siblings who love eating cereal every night for dinner. :)

Mama Smith said...

Hmmm...It looks like I may be able to stay with you a little bit...AFTER the 4th of July...Information...forthcoming...(smile)(if you will have me...taking care of Nathan and Lillie for a few days, while Angel flies out to see Jared before he goes overseas...)Still waiting for DATES...

Cheeseboy said...

This post made me entirely too exhausted.

And just so you know, your husband is not the only one that does that.

Amy said...

All that yawning in this post made me yawn.

For reals.

Garden of Egan said...

Give yourself a break. You just had a baby remember?

You wanna make out????? You just had a baby remember?

Jocelyn Christensen said...

You should keep having babies...you get funnier with each one...

Lisa said...

This too shall pass, right? And trust me, it really does. Like a rainstorm in the night~speaking of, there's a crappy black cloud dumping it's guts out all over my neighborhood right now. Wish it would pass as quickly as my children's youth seemed to...:)

Charlotte said...

My kids have been helping themselves to breakfast since ... well ... since I has my 5th I guess. I'm not sure when they started getting their own lunches.

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