August 31, 2009

Pish,who needs a pet?

I suppose at some point or another, we all wonder what it would be like to live in someone else's shoes. Or at least wonder what their life is REALLY like because sometimes the grass just looks greener over there.

My single soon to be 29 year old brother called me up yesterday just to say hi. He's really the only one in my whole family that ever just calls to say hi.

Anyway, he just got his own place. No more roommates, he lives by himself. I have NEVER lived by myself. I lived at home with my family (obviously), went away to college and had 5 roommates in a two bedroom apartment, then got married and had a bunch of lovably cute, but stinky, noisy, mess makers.

Now I'm not saying I would want to switch places or anything and I know my brother would love to come home to a messy house filled with screaming kids, but, what would that be like to have your own place that you would probably only have to clean once a week! I couldn't even imagine.

I never grew up with pets. Maybe that's why I have no real desire to have any. I am told quite often by people out walking their dogs, as my kids run over and beg to pet it, that I should get one. And I just think, ya right! I have enough little things that stink and slobber and make messes, I don't need one that has fur!

(I'm sure I just got crossed off some people's Christmas card list)

Maybe if I lived on 10 acres and didn't have to clean up after it........  maybe. A puppy or kitten might be fun.

So I have to wonder, do people find it fulfilling or fun to look over and see a little animal face watching them from their bed? I suppose they must, that's why they get them. Kind of like in the movies where the faithful pet keeps a vigilant watch over it owner, right? (Sorry, I never watched "Marley and Me")

So, is this what its like?

Nah, this is SO much better.

Well, I don't think I'll need to be getting a pet anytime soon.

I'm good.

Hmm, speaking of stinky messes....

10 super cool people speak:

Emily C said...

Josh and I are with you on the pet thing.

No, thanks, we'll deal with the kids, thank you. And puppies and kitties make COLOSSAL messes as they chew and tear and rip valuable things to shreds.

The kids are cuter, anyway :-)

Heidi said...

Your thoughts on pets are my thoughts, too.

And yes, cleaning the apartment just once a week is heavenly. Especially when it's only your own messiness to clean up after.

Svedi Pie said...

I completely agree with you on the pet thing. I've never understood the people who spoil pets and even get Christmas presents for them! To each their own, but I can't even comprehend that kind of mentality.

Alayna is such cutie - so much more worth it. Good luck with the surgeries and everything - I've been thinking/praying for you.

Brittney said...

We had ducks and fish and a dog as pets growing up - all at different times. I personally think pets are GREAT when the kids are old enough to take care of them on their own.

Of course I wouldn't want them while my kids are young because it would be me cleaning up. And you can get dogs that don't chew things up as puppies. We had a toy poodle that I guess was smart enough to not make messes like that. She's practically half-human honestly. (AND she didn't shed - sweet). Pets are way fun at the right age. That's my conclusion.

Tabitha (From Single to Married) said...

such cute pictures!

I didn't grow up with pets either as my parents didn't want them, which is probably why all of us kids (myself and my siblings) either have pets or are going to get one.

My husband and I love our dog (and our cat too) but especially our dog because he's so responsive and gives so much in return. I don't go to the extremes that I've seen others use, but I can understand why they do it. There is something so gratifying about unending loyalty and adoration, no matter what we do, our pets (usually) always love us.

That said - I can't wait to have my baby in a few months. I just hope my dog understands and forgives me. :)

Mama Smith said...

Here is how I looked at it...I could have had 8 pets...or 8 children...each required cleaning up after...I opted diapers vs. going outside and using a shovel...I could buy cute clothes for animals...or CUTE girly girl clothes and boy overalls for smudged faced little boys ...I could spend my money buying boring ordinary FOOD for animals...or interesting combinations of food for children who all had growing bodies to feed...I could clean up the messes after the pets ate...or clean up after the little children ate...Finally, decided that children grow up and can take care of ME when I get pets...would simply only be able to curl up at me feet and lick my hand...The choice was the end...(smile)

Valerie said...

I'm glad I'm not alone. My husband and kids want pets sooo bad. Luckily, I am allergic to dogs and cats, but the kids still beg for anything else alive.

Sara Lyn said...

I like some cats, but otherwise, pets... Yuck! Animals are fine, but I sure don't want to clean after them.

The Hulls said...

I totally agree with you on the pet thing. Hey, where does your "single soon to be 29 year old brother" live? I have a sister in SLC who is single. Eh? Eh?!!

Seth said...

If an animal is 100% self sufficient, I'm game for a pet. But what would that be? Earthworms?

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