August 26, 2009

Catching Up

Since the digital camera era combined its possibilities with parenthood, at least for me, literally thousands of pictures have been taken. It might just be me but I have a habit of taking ten pictures of the same exact thing, "just in case" I missed it or it didn't turn out the first nine times I took the picture.

Last week at the splash park, I caught one of those perfect moment shots. My nephew. You gotta admit, its a pretty sweet picture.

This one of Joseph is fun too.

And well, any picture I take of this beautiful girl is just perfect.

But kids love water, and mine are part fish. Even if its not actually swimming they will stay in the water until they are purple all over.

These two kept running back and forth with their drinks, sometimes nearly knocking over other kids. I guess we better have a "drinking while driving" conversation.

I know you can't really tell, but if you look really, really close at this next picture you can see that there is something on Jacob's cheeks.
Its nail polish.
Yes, his wonderful older sister wanted to make him all sparkly and pretty for the splash park. (sigh) Nail polish seemed to do the trick for her.
And of course we aren't allowed to leave without one ride on the carousel. Now that's trouble in a row!

Later that same day we went to Luke's work party at a park where we all ate a very healthy dinner.
Cause I'm one of those parents who make SURE my kids eat their vegetables first. Sometimes... occasionally... of course, I did eat two cookies and a piece of cheesecake before I ate my salad. (cough) Um... moving on.

We got a kick out of watching daddy act strange. Weird engineers. Jacob was fascinated, I think he wanted to try it too. (Luke's wearing the maroon shirt, one of the middle guys)

But we had fun. It was a good day.

...until bedtime. Maybe it was a little too fun.

2 super cool people speak:

Heidi said...

It did like a fun day. I love your your pictures.

Mother Smith said...

Oh...not only was it great to see Nathan with his cousins, but, it really did look like LOTS of fun!!!!

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