August 17, 2009

It was a Mall Ball

As life seems to speed up its pace and turn up the heat, my blog sits on the back burner simmering away while mainstream life next to it, boiling over in a torrent of sticky bubbles that I can never seem to scrub off the glass stove top of my days. (Wow, that whole comparison just came to me as I was typing. I think it borders on cheesy.)

But there are some things that just have to be recorded for posterity sake. So that when my kids are teenagers I can gather them around my knee, as much as they might not like it, and tell them the tales of their childhood, embarrassing and funny as it is/was.

My newlywed sister and her hubby came up to visit for a couple of days. Today we were suppose to play all day but... well, it didn't really go quite according to plan.

I realized Sunday night that my out of state driver's license had expired (Oops. I won't tell you how long it had been expired) so I had to go take the "knowledge" test and get a new license, which took all morning.

And I just have to say, my new license is good for eight years. So why do they put your weight on there? Who's to say I'll still weigh 1#2 in eight years?

Then the somewhat grouchy looking lady sitting behind the desk looked at me and asked "Do you want your hair listed as brown or sandy?"

I was stunned into silence. No one has EVER said my hair was sandy color before. So, I said, "Um, brown".

Again she looks at me and asks, "Do you want your eyes listed as green or hazel?"

Again, having always had brown eyes growing up I admit I was a bit shocked. As she looked at me with a blank expression, waiting just a bit impatiently I finally said, "Uh, hazel I guess."

So when I came home I gave myself a good look over and sure enough, my eyes are much more green than brown.

Such life changing discoveries.

Anyhow, where was I... oh yes. By the time lunch had come and gone I don't think anyone was up for too much excitement so when I asked my sister and her hubby what they wanted to do they said we could just go to the mall.

Okay, honestly I couldn't tell you how long it has been since I went to a mall. Six months? Maybe more, I'm not sure. Anyway, I'll break down the excitement to just the highlights.

- Savannah runs into Old Navy and makes friends with the new display manikin children while the boys pet and hug the fake dog.

- I catch Joseph with his pants around his ankles as he insists he needs to put on the shorts he sees hanging on the clothes rack... and I have to tell him the are "big girl" clothes.

- Jacob and Savannah try on the high heels and walk around showing them to other shoppers.

- The boys were trying out some cool hats and decided they needed to go show Uncle Joel so they ran out of the store to go find him, setting off the alarm.

- Savannah has a bit of an accident that requires her to go underwear-less for the last part of out trip.

- Alayna also had an accident that landed her a new outfit from Old Navy as I failed to bring an extra pair of clothes for her. Of course, I had to sell the boys to be able to afford the outfit.

- My sister and her husband met up with an old missionary friend who, upon introduction of me and three of my kids, promptly told me I looked way too young to have three kids. Then I told him I had four.

- Bath and Body Works' tester bottles are much, much lighter now and where ever my kids go for the next year, you will be able to detect a hint of Blackberry Vanilla.

- Savannah asked if she could have something from every single store we went into.

- On the way out of the mall, Jacob's diaper failed him and suddenly my hip was all wet.

- Once we finally manage to get all the kids strapped into their cars seats I realized why I haven't been to a mall in so long.

And at this moment, Luke and Jacob are asleep together on the couch in the living room. I guess I better go put them both to bed.

4 super cool people speak:

Monica McCoy said...

Funny about the license. In AZ, your license lasts until you are 65. So, I could still weigh 1#5 in the year 2050 :)

Katherine said...

That was the awesome part about my AZ license. I could have had the picture taken four days after my 16th birthday for almost 49 years. Mostly, though, I am surprised that "sandy" was a hair color option.

I want to go to Old Navy.

Heidi said...

The only reason I go to malls is for Summer Reading or because friends have asked to meet up there. I feel my entire body shrink in fear and disgust--and that's just me on my own. Brave woman for going with the kids. Such memorable times for you!

Are you happy to have green in your eyes after going a long time with brown? Nothing against brown. I loved my brown eyes. But with green as a favorite color, it was awesome when I finally got some of that, too!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Monica and Kathrine, LOL, wow! That is a long time for a license to be good. I guess you could go wild in you "golden years" as your source of identity proves that your are still young. =)

Heidi, LOL, I use to find the mall intimidating, now I find it to be a funny place.
And I'm not sure how I feel about it. I didn't like my brown eyes for a long time and now that they're gone, I'm kind of sad. I use to want green eyes but maybe since they aren't a very pretty green I'm wanting them to be brown again.

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