March 12, 2009


We are taught to have moderation in all things, right? How does that work exactly, for a mom?

(The following is a condensed version of my day... oh you have no idea just how very very condensed it is)

Morning. While in the shower, the kids wake up. Cutting my shower short and hoping I washed out all the conditioner, I start getting ready. Noticing I'm almost out of clean clothes, I stop getting ready and start some laundry. I go back to finish getting ready.
The kids all want a drink. I stop working on myself and go in search of sippy cups since they always seem to be missing. Now they want breakfast. While working on breakfast, I notice I need to clean the kitchen, I start cleaning. Someone needs help in the bathroom. I stop cleaning and go help. Now they want to watch a movie. Perfect. I start on a drawing.
The baby starts crying. I stop drawing and take care of her. The kids want to play with the dominos. After getting the dominos out, I notice my laundry is done, I start folding laundry. My sister calls, asking about her wedding invitations. I stop doing laundry, go to the computer and go over some things with her. She hangs up. While at my computer, I notice I have several unanswered emails, some are weeks old and I feel guilty that I haven't responded yet. I start on an email, the baby starts crying, I pick her up and go back to my computer.
One of the kids needs to go potty. I put the baby down and she immediately starts crying again, and I go into the bathroom. After helping them, I remember that I was doing laundry earlier but the baby is still crying. I get her fed then, taking her bottle into the kitchen, (stepping over pretzel crumbs and dominos along the way) I realize I need to do dishes. I start on dishes when the baby spits up. I stop doing dishes, change her clothes, which reminds me that I didn't finish the laundry. I start doing it again, but the kids want to color. I find them their crayons and coloring books. I take the opportunity to draw some more.
A sound pulls my attention away and I hurry to catch him before he colors the wall any more. I start scrubbing the wall. The kids start going on and on about how they are hungry. I stop scrubbing, I go to get them a snack. I notice its late and I haven't started dinner yet. I start dinner. While doing dinner, one of the boys pulls all the books off the bookshelf. I tell him to put them back but he ignores me and continues to smash the book covers. So, I leave dinner, and put the books back. Turning around, my attention is again drawn to the pretzel crumbs and dominos all over the floor. With a lot of effort and coercing, I manage to have the other kids help me pick up the dominos.
Dinner boils over. I stop cleaning and go back to making dinner. The kids start fighting and wake up the baby. I break up the fight, settle the baby back down, then pull out the vacuum to get those dang pretzel crumbs. I accidentally snag the corner of a sock and it throws the belt off the vacuum. I go back to get a screwdriver and notice the drawing that I desperately need to finish. Then I catch one of the kids on my computer. As I pull him off I notice he has deleted my partially written email. Forgetting what I went back there for, I go back into the living room and seeing the vacuum, I remember that I had gone in search of a screwdriver, but I need to finish dinner.
Wait, I need to break up another fight while begging the kids to leave the toys in their bedroom. The baby starts crying again. She needs a diaper change. After changing her diaper, my attention is again drawn to the laundry that I haven't yet completed... etc. etc. and so forth.

So by the time my hubby comes home, the house is only half clean, the laundry half done, dinner half cooked, kids half dressed, art project half completed, emails half answered, dishes half washed and me half frazzled.

Is that what they mean by, moderation in all things?

10 super cool people speak:

Garvin Smith said...
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Garvin Smith said...

They say to have her hair done Liz (Elizabeth Taylor) flies all the way to France;
And Jackie's (Kennedy) seen in a discotheque doin' a brand new dance;
And the White House social season should be glittering and gay;
But here in Topeka (Idaho Falls), the rain is a fallin';
The faucet is a drippin' and the kids are a bawlin';
One of them’s a toddlin' and one is a crawlin' and, . . . one's on the way.
I'm glad that Raquel Welch just signed a million dollar pact;
And Debbie's out in Vegas workin' up a brand new act;
While the TV's showin' Newlyweds a real fun game to play;
But here in Topeka (Idaho Falls) the screen door's a bangin';
The coffee's oatmeal’s boilin' over and the wash needs a hangin',
One wants a cookie and one wants a changin' and, . . . one's on the way.
Now what was I doin' - Jimmy get away from there - darn there goes the phone;
Hello honey - what's that you say - you're bringin' a few ole buddies home?
You're callin' from a bar? get away from there!
No, not you honey, I was talkin' to the baby - wait a minute. Honey the door bell;
Honey could you stop at the market and . . . ? Hello? Hello? well I'll be . . . ;
The girls in New York City, they all march for women's lib;
And Better Homes and Gardens shows the modern way to live;
And the pill may change the world tomorrow but meanwhile today;
Here in Topeka (Idaho Falls) the flies are a buzzin';
The dog is a barkin' and the floor needs a scrubbin';
One needs a spankin' and one needs a huggin', Lord, . . . one's on the way.
Oh gee, I hope it ain't twins again!
-- Loretta Lynn, “One’s on the Way”

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Before anyone takes that the wrong way, I would just like to clarify. No, I am NOT pregnant.

Heidi said...

Your post reminded me of a similar one I read recently:
Except all her kids are in their teens. I guess it never ends, does it? You are awesome, doing great things, and are a wonderful mother. Keep it up!

Charlynn said...

Sounds like normal day at my house. It is nice to know we have so much in common.

Brittney said...

hahaha.. can't believe you remember all that!!

Louise said...

you were only half frazzled? not bad! i'm sure i would have been completely frazzled.

C J B said...

While reading your post I felt like I was there with you stepping on pretzels! Wow, you are supermom. I was working on laundry today and it took 10 minutes and I was complaining about missing socks. I guess I should stop complaining and appreciate the quiteness before it takes me all day to fininsh laundy:)

hjsmith said...

Oh my goodness you pretty much described my day minus the twins taking off their diapers and smearing the contents from one side of the room to the other....ask mom she will tell you(: I hope you are doing great and I always love reading your blog...which reminds me to add another thing to my half done, to do things to do(: Talk to you later(:

Elisabeth said...

So nice to realize my life is normal.

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