March 5, 2009

Joseph Turns Three

Today was a big day. A very important day for any young boy. Their third birthday. Why is this such a monumental occasion, you ask? Because they lived through the terrible twos (which actually starts at age one and last through age four but don't tell other people that, its a closely guarded secret) And when I say lived through, I mean their parents didn't kill them. So yes, what a very important day this is.

Joseph helped me with his birthday cake. Or rather, he helped me taste test it. He is truly a man after my own heart. 

Now, before you say anything about the cake, I have just two things to say, judge not, and its the thought that counts. 
Still, it did turn out better than last years cake... which we won't talk about.

We took the kids out to eat at Wendy's because we are fancy and high class like that. 
And maybe I wanted to scarf down a Frosty. But you can't prove that I had one, so there.

I forget just how exiting lighting the candles are for the kids, which Jacob was kind enough to help blow out. 

And the grand finale. Joseph opens his birthday present...

...and Jacob took full advantage of the extra pieces.

Let's just say, I got tired of watching Joseph run around all day with the vacuum hose in his pants. He needed something that would fit better.

Even Alayna had fun!

6 super cool people speak:

Michelle said...

Yeah! Happy Birthday Joseph! Looks like a fun day. My favorite part is licking the beaters too...The cake turned out awesome!

Mama Smith said...

OH!!!! I am so glad you post birthday celebrations...I so want to be at EACH OF THEM...and can only enjoy through your BLOG...This is not RIGHT, you know...Grannys living so far away from their grandbabies...LOVED EACH PICTURE!!!! Give our little SUPER MAN and HUG from GRANNY!!! Hope he liked his "E" cards...I tried to find ones he would find fun! (smile)

Heidi said...

The cake is fantastic. And I love the first picture with Alayna in it.

Moghimi Family said...

I'm impressed you even attempted that cake, but the fact that it actually turned out well...I'm just blown away! Way to go SUPER-MOM!

Sara Lyn said...

Joseph looks so big! What a cutie.

Sarah said...

Happy birthday to Joseph!!!

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