March 2, 2009

Has Anyone Seen My Head?

Do you ever feel like you're running around like a chicken with its head cut off? Well, I'm definitely the chicken and I have no clue where the heck my head went.
Last week I spent all my time trying finish up that brochure that I was doing for Luke's company. He needed it for a business trip he was headed for down in Utah on Thursday. Dang engineers. They kept changing things on me. If I never see that brochure again it will be far too soon. But I got that done and I was able to finish the March Primary poster that day as well. I'm sure all the Primary people at Latter-Day Village were mad at me for getting it done so late. 

By the time I was done with my projects, my house was just downright shameful. So Luke leaves early Thursday morning for his trip and I had every intention of cleaning till everything sparkled. 
By Thursday afternoon, I still hadn't touched a thing and the kids were going nuts. They kept asking me if we could go somewhere and "what shall we do today?" It was just too cold and windy to play outside. Even though, at one point, there was a snow flurry with huge snowflakes. So the kids got themselves dressed and went out to try and catch snowflakes on their tongues.

What am I going to do with all that cheese!
Luke calls me up that afternoon to see how I'm doing and after a bit of a discussion, I make up my mind. Hang it all, if you're going to be in Utah for two days, so are we!
So, I pack up the kids and before I could find my head I was talking about, I was headed down the road. I was told I was very brave for traveling by myself with four little kids. But I say, when sanity is on the line, a mom has got to do, what a mom has got to do!
Things didn't go exactly as planned... if you could call it planned, but still, the trip was great. The kids travelled so well... because they were sleeping. 
At first I was going to drive down to Provo and stay with Luke in the hotel he was staying at, but in the end he decided that trying to fit all six of us in one king sized bed probably wasn't going to work. 
So, I crashed at my friend's castle (aka house) in Roy. We stayed up late talking about, well, that's none of your business, but it was great. 
Friday afternoon we make it to BYU campus. You can definitely tell that Savannah and Joseph have been indoctrinated because they were so dang excited to be there. I treated the kids to a Jamba Juice, which they managed to make a mess with, twice. I was able to pick up some art supplies and the kids had a grand time collecting acorns and giving out high fives to all the students they passed.
Who knew college could be so much fun! Juice and acorns, what a rush.
After that we headed over to see my sister. Let me tell you, there is nothing more frightening than a single girl's apartment, complete with a bunch of roommates. I had forgotten what that was like! Still, the kids thought it was pretty cool.
Then Luke completely surprises me by telling me that instead of going straight home from his business meeting in Heber, he decided to come  back through Provo and see us!
So we went over to a friend's castle for dinner and me and the kids actually ended up staying the night there. Thanks again Seth and Kira!
Luke felt he needed to go home that night since he hadn't talked to his boss about having the company car on Saturday. Not long into his four-hour drive home he gives me a call.
Oops. We both forgot that I had the ONLY house key. Well, nothing like spending the night in your car! Plus, remember the downright shameful state I had left the apartment in? Yup, when Luke finally got a spare key from the office you can only imagine what greeted him.
But he was great enough to clean it up so, at least the house looked nice when I got back!
Saturday we went back to my sister's apartment where the kids scarfed down chocolate chip cookies and watched Wall-e.

By then, you could tell the trip was wearing on them as they were starting to get ornery.  Lucky for me, they slept most of the trip back. 
Sunday we spent up in Rexburg because my niece, who was born just four days after Alayna was getting blessed.
Now, today, I must tackle the mounds of laundry that await. Maybe by the time I get to the bottom of one of the baskets, I'll have found my head.

6 super cool people speak:

Mona said...

YOU GO GIRL! Some of my favorite childhood, as well as "mom" memories are the instantaneous adventures we took when we couldn't take any more. The ultimate was the time my Dad couldn't take the Washington rain ONE MORE DAY - so he announced we would NOT go to school that day - we would DRIVE UNTIL THE SUN SHINED! We drove from Olympia Washington to the California border before it let up. And THAT'S where we spent the night.

The kids look way too adorable to ever be "ornery"....


Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Yes! That's an awesome story! Its amazing what we will decide to do all in the name of sanity. =)

Mama Smith said...

Thank had the "get-away" car!!!! (smile)

Kira said...

In the name of sanity... what you really mean is WE BOTH have lost our sanity!! Actually, Friday was evening was a better moment than most that week. Come again.

Sarah said...

I'm tackling laundry too. *sigh*

Garvin Smith said...

In the real world when engineers change the design, they have to pay extra!

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