March 4, 2009

Let's Flee said the Fly! Let's Fly said the Flea!

Why do you suppose kids are so fascinated with bugs? Well, at least mine are. When she was smaller, Savannah was never afraid to toddle around, trying to pick up anything smaller than her. I had never encouraged a fear of bugs either. Of course, the bugs back in Florida make the ones out here look like pansies. But there there came a point where she was trying to pick up every bug she could find and of course, I became worried that one day she would find something harmful. So, I finally started telling her that they were yucky and gross and we shouldn't touch them. 
Still, call me strange, but I couldn't help myself. Sometimes, when I would find a bug in our apartment, I would catch it and put it in a jar or bag and let the kids keep it as a pet for a while.
What? I've seen stranger things. One of my sisters use to swallow ants for shock factor and I had a roommate back at BYU who would catch one of those big flies, toss it in the freezer for a few seconds, then pull it out and tie a string around one of its legs. When the fly would thaw out, it would try and fly. So, she would walk around, with a fly one a string, while telling  people that she was out walking her fly.
So yesterday, when Savannah saw a fly on the window, I wasn't surprised that she was excited. But she's also in this new phase where suddenly she is afraid of everything. So I was a bit taken back when Savannah come tearing down the hall and started talking so quickly that I had a hard time following, but this was the gist of it.
"Mom! I was afraid so I talked to Jesus and said to not make me afraid of the bug. Then I heard a voice tell, me, 'don't be afraid!' So now I'm not!"
Then she scampers away only to bring me back a bowl and a piece of paper asking me to catch the fly for her.
For the rest of the day, she chatted away with her fly as if they were the best of friends.

Of course, just before bed she asked me, "how come the fly is not dead yet?" 
I hope she doesn't tire of all new friends this quickly.  =)

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Brittney said...

haha.. my dad encouraged me to like bugs. It was to the point where I called every black and white jumping spider my friend and my siblings would call for me to come get them whenever they saw them.

The freezing the fly thing is a good idea so you could tie a string on the leg. Some guys in my high school math class caught some flies one day and used my hair (which used to be super long) to tie around their necks. They had to be careful not to pull too tight though or the hair would slice right through their neck decapitating them!

Garvin Smith said...

Yesterday, shredded wheat sounded good for breakfast so I grabbed the box that had been open for several weeks and poured a bowlful. Along with the cereal out came a cockroach. He flicked himself out from under the shredded wheat squares and landed on his back on the counter where I left him (her?) to die. I poured in the milk and began to eat the cereal, determined to prove that cockroaches are not harmful to humans. The only really gross thing was seeing the little black spots floating in the milk that I know are not part of shredded wheat. I ate the entire bowl of cereal, but stopped short of drinking the milk from the bowl imagining more "black spots" at the bottom of the milk.

Moghimi Family said...

Sara, I love your stories! I'm gonna have to tell my husband about the whole fly and string thing. He'll want to try it.

Oh, and your Dad is disgusting. (Yes, you Garvin.) Cockroach cereal? I want to hurl. It totally sounds like something Abe would do too. =) Yuck! (Garvin, its a good thing I like you otherwise!)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

LOL! Let me know how the fly walking goes!

And dad, I agree with Joanne, that is just downright nasty. Still, I suppose you'll be the last man standing when the world gets destroyed now that you are part cockroach. =)

Ick, that makes me shudder.

Mama Smith said...

Now, you can see, why I SHOULD obtain...exaltation...who else...could live with your father...and still be remain sane??? (smile)

Moghimi Family said...

True Debbie. Very true. Bless your soul...and the kisses you share with Garvin. For you too have tasted of this famous roach cereal via your husband. So, I guess that means you will both be the last people standing when the world comes to an end. At lease you won't be alone! Yea!!! ;)

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