March 16, 2009

Am I That Niave?

There is a girl in my ward who is on complete bed rest. Today, I watched her two boys for the WHOLE day, 9am - 5:30pm. Six kids under the age of four.
You know, it really wasn't too bad. They all just played together. But my house, well now that is... uh, what I mean to say is... hmmm, well, to put it delicately its... Okay, its thrashed, plain and simple. Totally and completely trashed. And I was actually naive enough to think before that it couldn't get any worse. HAHAHA! Come, laugh with me... HAHAHA! Oh, can't I just go back to the innocence of before?

Still, let's all take a brief look on the positive side:

-Only the windows were colored on, not the walls.

-All that macaroni and cheese and juice that was spilled? Limited to the kitchen area.

-Only four out of the five beds in our apartment were taken apart.

-All the kids toys have been dumped out and spread throughout the whole house, but at least all the kids played well together!

See? There is light in the darkness after all! AND, I even managed to get several hours of photoshop magic done for Luke on a project he needed completed for tomorrow. Which is probably why a lot of the above happened.

Granted I didn't get around to making dinner but hey, what do you expect? I'm not Wonder Woman! I could never wear that ridiculous outfit.

2 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said...

Hey..."Serene" WONDER WOMAN...You still have the TITLE...only You simply have better taste in clothes!!!! (smile)

Karies place said...

Someday your children will tell you that they remembered that day with lots of fun because mom let them relax and have fun.

Hi, I just wanted to comment on your cute blog. :)

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