September 2, 2008

Labor Day

It was very cold, and very rainy. Being from Florida and knowing what "rain" is, (not this sprinkle business that seems to fascinate and excite these westerners) I would have to say this is one of those very rare occasions when it actually did rain!
We didn't do much, just went to Walmart for diapers but ended up spending about 3 hours there just walking around, letting the kids look at stuff. Okay, so there was a lot of screaming
and crying involved, but believe it or not, it was still kind of fun. Daddy even broke down and bought Savannah some goldfish since she kept saying she wanted them throughout the whole store. Well, she wanted everything in the store but she was pretty consisted with the fish. I'll be sure to take pictures tomorrow. Savannah named them "Nemo" and "Quarrel". I know, she was trying to say "Corral" but I still think "Quarrel" is a very fitting name.  =) Then we came home and just hung out. Apparently walking around Walmart is pretty exhausting!

Savannah and I set up fall decorations, we played outside for a little bit, then we went with our neighbors to the Visitor's Center by the Temple to see the Christus. We've gone several times before but the kids still like it there a lot. So, it was a pretty good day... till Savannah got really tired and emotional and Joseph blew out his diaper and had poop half way up his back.
 Well, what can I say, happy endings. =)
Oh yes, and here is Savannah the photographer at work yet again!

Daddy! Make a silly face!

Mommy, you have to smile pretty!

Wait, we have to take a picture together!

Savannah quote for the day.
Upon me asking her to do something she very calmly and matter-a-factly replied, "Mom, I can't, I lost my mind."

2 super cool people speak:

Heidi said...

Do you think that excuse would work for me at my job?

Mama Smith said...

Hmmm...wonder who Savannah was "quoting".....(smile)

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