September 8, 2008


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3 Joys:
~ Well, Chocolate obviously
~ Watching my husband wrestle with our kids
~ Walking through craft stores (its just very relaxing for me)

3 Fears:
~ Earwigs and cockroachs (nasty buggers)
~ Driving by Semi-trucks on the freeway (my arms ache from being tense when I drive by them)
~ Being a widow

3 Goals:
~ To make the bed everyday (what can I say, I'm a simple person)
~ Teach Savannah how to read (Its coming pretty well so far)
~ Take some painting classes

3 Current obsessions/collections
~ Building food storage
~ Getting my family to eat healthy
~ Reading Sherlock Holmes (I know, weird, but I have this huge book that contains the entire collection and I am almost done reading it)

3 Random Surprising Facts:
~ I LOVE furniture!! And I especially LOVE walking through furniture stores. Maybe someday I'll actually own some!
~ I just made my first batch of homemade Rice Milk. It was actually pretty darn good!
~ I hate mushrooms

5 super cool people speak:

Monica said...

I am with you on the craft stores and the semi-trucks.

Brittney said...

rice milk, huh? You'll have to give a recipe.

Mama Smith said...

Hmmm...still learning more about my "little girl"...(smile)

Garvin Smith said...

I'm glad you picked up our love of reading. I'm currently about half way through Homer's Odyssey. Quite a change from the history of the Viet Nam war!

Sara Lyn said...

I LOVE Sherlock Holmes. Some of my favorite stories! Which are your favorite?

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