September 9, 2008

So Not Fair!

So, how come kids can get away with throwing a tantrum, but I can't? Shouldn't it be written somewhere that moms are allowed to express there deep feelings too? Come on now, couldn't I do this, just once in a while?

Clint Eastwood, eat your heart out.

I didn't teach her this face, really!

In the last couple of days I have found Savannah praying:
-that she would find her flip flops
-that Joseph would stop crying
-that a half squished grasshopper would be okay
-that she would get to ride her bike
(sigh) Well, what can you do?

I'm so excited! Tomorrow we find out the gender of the baby! Will let you know!

2 super cool people speak:

Michael & Charlynn's Family said...

I totally agree about moms being allowed to through tantrums. Your kids are cute! I love reading your blog.

Mama Smith said...

Ah...every mother's see "pay back" time...(smile)

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